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Books That Are Beautiful Inside Out!

Now we all love books which have pretty covers and add a lot of character to our bookshelves. A lot of times books which have an extremely grand cover, end up more or less disappointing us from their plot or story. But the exceptions? Oh god! They are the definition of perfection! Some of the most pretty books I have seen are simultaneously also the books which have the best storyline and keep me on my toes till the end. Let us see our top 5 picks for the same.

Author : Daphne du Maurier

The story set in Monte Carlo begins with our heroine being completely bedazzled by Maxim de Winter who is a widower. His sudden proposal of marriage is also no less of a shock to her. She who lived like a lady maid and was orphaned long ago could not believe her sudden shift in luck.

When she moves into his house, she realises that Maxim’s ex-wife is like a lingering evil. One that wants to destroy their marriage even though she rests in her grave.

Author : Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Dante and Ari. Both different from one another in many different fronts. Dante who swims, Ari who doesn’t. Dante who is well spoken while Ari who has his way a little harder when it came to playing with words. Dante who loses himself in poetry while Ari who does the same expect in thoughts of his older brother who is imprisoned.

They meet. Meet to form a special bond, one that teaches them about life and help them develop different perspectives of life. Showcasing the sheer power of a strong bond of friendship, this book manages to be beautiful both inside out!

Author : Rabia York Lumbard

This is one of the very few books which manage to give insight to the readers on the life of people from minorities in a particular place. The book revolves around Salma Bakkioui who lives in a suburban centre with her best friend Mariam and her boyfriend Amir nearby. With passing time, things between them change, Maram and Salma start distancing themselves because Mariam’s family moves away. This was because Mariam’s father’s patient’s did not want a Muslim chiropractor.

Soon there was a terrorist bombing nearby which led to the further spread of Islamaphobia. For this bombing, shockingly Salma and Amir find themselves as suspects. Now how do they get out of this? Is someone plotting against them?

Author : David Hofmeyr

The main character of the book is Ana Moon. She has had a rough week. From a fight at school to a visit from psych, nothing really has been the best. She deep within hopes that therapy helps hr with another of her problem, she has been feeling that there is someone or something that is following her.

From a bad life to shocking one, that happens because of a train crash which costs Ana’s best friend’s life. In front of her eyes, she saw someone who was so precious to her being taken away by a beast. What? Yes. Not death. Why not her? Why her best friend?

Ana needed answers. To know what she found, you know what to do!

5. Verity

Author : Colleen Hoover

[Parental advisory is suggested]

The book revolves around Lowen Ashleigh who is a struggling writer who is going through financial problems. Lowen is met with a 'once in life time job offer' which she hesitantly accepts.

Jeremy Crawford who is the husband of Verity Crawford, a bestselling author is the one who has hired Lowen. He did this because his wife was injured and would not be able to finish writing books, so Jeremy wanted Lowen to complete the remaining books in a successful series.

When Lowen arrives at Verity, she is prepared to go through all her notes and take up from where she left. As she goes through Verity’s works, she finds or rather reads something no one was meant to. An autobiography which Verity was not able to finish. It had accounts of incidents which could make one’s blood curl, including the incident or the entire detailed entry from her perspective of their world.

What does she do next, does this help Lowen change her decision about helping Verity; what more is left to uncover?

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Special Mention

Author : Erin Morgenstern

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And that is it for today guys, we hope you found some books that you could buy to elevate your bookshelf up a notch! Do let us know if you have read any of these books, and if you have, how did you like them?

Thanks a lot for reading, we will see you in the next one!

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