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Lesser-known Works of Colleen Hoover

Updated: May 16, 2022

We have seen and heard a lot of people gushing over specific books by Colleen Hoover recently. Popularised thanks to “booktubers”, “book-stagram” and ‘book-tok”, how can we not have our own take on this? So here are our top 3 books by Colleen Hoover that you MUST read if you wish to get into her writing and explore more books by her in specific.

From what we see, most of Colleen’s books revolve around a similar topic about love and romance and simultaneously manage to tackle a lot of heavy topics. People who find themselves leaning towards romances are sure to love all her books. We would recommend that you pick up Colleen’s books under parental guidance, a lot of her books deal with heavier topics.

The book revolves around Lowen Ashleigh who is a struggling writer who is going through financial problems. Lowen is met with a 'once in life time job offer' which she hesitantly accepts.

Jeremy Crawford who is the husband of Verity Crawford, a bestselling author is the one who has hired Lowen. He did this because his wife was injured and would not be able to finish writing books, so Jeremy wanted Lowen to complete the remaining books in a successful series.

When Lowen arrives at Verity, she is prepared to go through all her notes and take up from where she left. As she goes through Verity’s works, she finds or rather reads something no one was meant to. An autobiography which Verity was not able to finish. It had accounts of incidents which could make one’s blood curl, including the incident or the entire detailed entry from her perspective of their world.

What does she do next, does this help Lowen change her decision about helping Verity; what more is left to uncover?

How would you feel if everything and everyone you loved forget about you? Do you forget about them? It might sound quite ‘bearable’, but when it actually happens, it can be extremely taxing and lonely.

Charlie and Silas have been best friends forever and have been together since the age of 14. But it was only out of the blue, that everything vanished. All of their moments vanished. No memory of any incident.

Both of them work together to try and find the truth behind this incident. But as and when they progress on their journey of finding the truth, they start to question their entire relationship. What was the reason behind them being together in the first place?

The book revolves around Beyah Grim. She was one who carved her own path, and she is always on her way to something better every day.

It is only a short span of two months, after which she will be led to a completely new future. From this, you would believe she didn’t much like her past, and you would not be mistaken. She really wanted to leave her past behind and start on a new journey. She barely knew her father who she was forced to spend the summer with on a peninsula in Texas.

It was Beyah’s plan to let the summer slip by seamlessly and then begin her journey for her bright new future.

But do things ever go as planned? What’s the point of the story without some up-s and mostly down-s? Well to Beyah’s story, Samson was the problem. They both seemed to have nothing in common from outside, but they both attracted and were drawn to sad things- each other.

How do things turn out?

And that is it from our end today! We hope you were able to understand Colleen’s way of writing and were able to find some books to add to your TBR.

We hope you are excited to read so many more books coming your way and continue on this journey as an avid reader! Thank you for reading!

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