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Starless Sea

Another masterpiece by Erin Morgenstern. If you are just getting into works by Erin Morgenstern, we recommend the book “Night Circus”. To know more about that book, you can check out our previous blog.

Now, talking about Starless Sea. This is the author’s second book and an instant hit and must read. This book revolves around a character named Zachary Ezra Rawlins. He is a graduate student in Vermont, where one day in a library he discovers a mysterious book called “Sweet Sorrows” hidden in the stacks. As he begins to flip the page of the book he discovers that among the tales of the book, it also told stories about him. One that struck him the most was a story of an incident when he was a child and came across a magical door.

The book described the magical library on the other side of the door and the Starless Sea upon which it sits. Curiosity is human nature, and bound by his own curiosity, Zachary sets out on a quest to find out more. He finds a masquerade ball in Manhattan, where two other important characters of the plot join the setting : Miracle and Dorian.

Dorian steals the book from Zachary and later blackmails him into breaking into the premises of a secret Guardian society. Dorian did that for selfish needs, to retrieve a book that he himself required. These eventualities end up with Miracle saving Zachary and taking him through a doorway in a park. This is where Zachary has his first encounter of the magical realm he had read about earlier. He then meets the keeper who is in charge of the sanctuary they all resided in. We are also introduced to Rhyme an acolyte who is in charge of the library and its books.

Zachary is continuously swept along on the current of stories, while also managing to save Dorian from the leader of the guardians. As the story progresses we see that Dorian and Zachary find each other being a potential love match for one another, however the situations only stay to tear them apart. All the characters have rendezvous with figures from tales and fables, which somehow tie a string and connect strands of stories which seemed unconnected. All of them swept across shores of the magical world, with a common desire to find purpose.

Read the entire book, and find out the deets of their stories. Were they successful in their motto? Who died and who survived? Pick the book up as soon as you can from your nearest book store.

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