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The Thrilling Twilight Series!

Twilight series-Stephanie Meyer

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A book which we believe has had a huge array of responses, some totally in love while some a bit sceptical. This book is orated by our lead protagonist Bella (Isabella Swan), who has embarked on a new journey to live with her dad, Charlie Swan in the mysterious and multifaceted town of Forks, Washington. Here she is met with a series of misgivings, her first being falling in love with a vampire, Edward Cullen. She realizes that the family of Edward Cullen is potentially menacing and survives on animal blood, having taken abstinence from drinking human blood. She is met with a near death experience where a vampire named James tries to kill her. However, she is saved by her boyfriend and his family, the Cullens. James is killed by Edward Cullen.

Here, we now see a big plot twist. Edward Cullen, leaves Forks as he believes Bella’s life is threatened due to his presence. This leaves Bella feeling helpless and lost, leading to further complications in her already tragic life. Here she first befriends Jacob Black, soon to find he is a werewolf. She finds that her life is now jeopardized by Victoria, James’ significant other who is all due to kill Bella. Jacob and his werewolf pack try to protect Bella. However, due to a misapprehension, Edward believes Bella is dead. This results in him going all in. Ergo, going on a suicide mission. Bella along with Alice, Edward's adopted sister, go to the Volturi, one of the most important Vampire covens, to save Edward, resulting in making commitments that Bella will be turned into a vampire in near future. The story ends where it started, Bella and the Cullen's returning to Forks.

Thirst of vengeance drives Victoria to form an army of strong new born vampires to overthrow the Cullens and murder Bella Swan. With the death of Harry Clearwater and more, the threat in the town of Forks is increasing. Meanwhile, Bella is forced to choose between Edward and Jacob Black, knowing that this is nowhere going to help the already wounded truce between the werewolves and the vampires. Bella chooses Edward over Jacob, and agrees to marry Edward leading to grudges from Jacob’s side. However, at the end, the vampires and werewolves join armies and collectively defeat Victoria’s army. With a surprise visit from the Volturi, the matter became worse. What will the Cullens do to save their coven? Grab a copy and tag along on the journey with Bella!

This story begins with a grand procession!

Bella and Edward, now newly- weds, find out that Bella is pregnant. The pregnancy is a near death experience for Bella as, the foetus drinks up Bella’s blood and rapidly grows stronger making her weaker with each passing second. Giving birth to her half human half vampire daughter Renesme Cullen, Bella fears that her last breath is very near. However, Edward injects his venom into Bella saving her. The life of their daughter is now threatened by the Volturi as Irina spreads erroneous information about Renesmee. With the Volturi approaching, the Cullens try to gather as many witnesses as they can. With the help of the Renesme’s unique gift of showing people what she thinks, helps them gather witnesses who agree to fight with them. When the Volturi see the number of witnesses they must face, they agree to listen.

What do the Volturi do? Do they kill Renesme? Check out the books as soon as you can, it is surely an unputdownable adventure!

It was very interesting to finally pen down our thoughts. We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it. We post every Sunday! So tighten your seatbelts, cause you are in for the long haul!

Thank you for reading! And don't forget to join the Twilighters group!

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