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Some Underhyped books that are worth the shot (Pt.2)

Now in our last post [find it here:] we spoke about some books that are underhyped but surely worth a shot. Today, let us expand that list and add on a few more books providing elite plots worth the reader’s time.

1. Death in Delft

Author: Graham Brack

Three girls were abducted, but the number of bodies found? One. Two of the girls are yet missing. In the city of Delft, where things were more or less peaceful always, a murder shook all its residents to the core. Panic spread like wildfire. January’s bitter cold confirmed the residents’ doubts about the two girls not surviving.

Master Mercurius, a gifted cleric from a nearby university was the one who the Mayor approached. He seemed like the perfect person to help find the girls. Will he be able to find them? Or will deaths further continue to haunt the then peaceful town of Delft?

2. Under the Pendulum Sun

Author: Jeanette Ng

Laon, Catherine Helstone’s brother had disappeared in Arcadia. Arcadia was the land of the magical fae. Catherine, concerned was desperate, needing to find his brother. She finally made up her mind to make the treacherous journey to find her brother, alone. She finds her way into the disquieting house of the Gethsemane. There she finds out her brother is riding to be reunited with her. The Queen of Fae is however not going to make things simple for them, she is hard on her heels ready to make things hard.

Do Catherine and Laon finally meet up again?

3. The Royal Secret

Author: Andrew Taylor

Witchcraft, some believe it others don’t. But here we have two girls plotting a whole murder by witchcraft. A government clerk soon dies painfully of ‘mysterious’ reasons. One of his colleagues James Marwood is asked to investigate this case. But the investigation came with its own dangers.

Another character named Cat Hakesby works for a merchant living on Slaughter Street. As the name suggests, the streets smell blood, and a captive Barbary lion roams the stables. Cat is asked to design a Poultry House for a woman the king loves the most.

Behind all this, lies one royal secret that could change the face of the course of the working of England.

And that is all for today guys. We hope you found some books that you can add to your TBR. Do let us know if you have read any of these books, and if you have, how did you like them?

Thanks a lot for reading!

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