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Some Underhyped books that are worth the shot (Pt.1)

With Booktube and Booktok we are all getting plenty of recommendations on which book should we pick next. But some golden ones are really being slept on. These books are some which are equally good but yet don’t end up getting enough recognition. Let us see our top 5 picks for the same!

1. I Am Still Alive

Author: Kate Alice Marshall

This book is written in the before/after format which makes the story even more worthwhile.

The ‘After’ section of the book portrays Jess, the protagonist of the story, alone. Her cabin was burned to the ground and she was conscious that if she were to not act fast the cold would be her death of her. Her dad’s dog was her only companion while she foraged for food and tried her shot at building a shelter and keeping herself warm. She would have to survive, she would. Her father was killed, she knew who did it, and the revenge was due.

What led to these conditions? What is this all about? Read it yourself in the book!

2. An Invisible Thread: Adapted for Young Readers

Author: Laura Schroff

How deep and beautiful the bonds of true friendship could be is something this book manages to showcase perfectly. Based in the crowded city of NYC, eleven-year-old Maurice meets Laura. Maurice asks Laura for some change because he was hungry. Something within Laura made her stop and ask him if she could take him to lunch.

This marked the beginning of one of the most unlikely friendships probably ever recorded.

Speaking of topics like homelessness, hunger and neglect of children, the book remains relevant even today. This book is perfect for everyone!

3. Violets are Blue

Author: Barbara Dee

Wren, loved makeup, one with special effects. She loved experimenting, creating new looks, and carrying that different version of herself with grace. One who wasn’t lacking friends or one who didn’t have a lot of people who hated her; one whose parents were still together and one who wasn’t forced to like her stepmom.

Soon Wren and her mom move town’s to get a fresh start. This was Wren’s opportunity to create that ‘perfect’ image of herself she had always wanted. She was successful in doing so too- she got selected as the school’s makeup artist. But her mom was not acting the same. She was taking a lot of naps, more than normal, snapping at Wren more often and always kept being sick. Soon she realises, her mom is in a serious problem. Was it one which she could resolve? Or is cover up for a better word?

And that is it for today guys. We hope you found some books you would like to read. Do let us know if you have read any of these books.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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