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Wattpad is one of the most remarkable reading platforms that I have come across. This app is loaded with multiple fantastically written free stories of genres such as young adult, romance, thriller and mystery to name a few. The unique thing about the app is that ANYONE with a phone and this app can write. A plus point is that if you fall into writer's block, well, you can take inspiration from other books, from Wattpad guides, or completely abandon the book and start another! So, here are 2 books that are the perfect way to get into reading on this app! (Please note that these books are only suited for audiences above 13.)

The Search for Juno

Angie Nohl, a 19-year-old girl’s life changes when she kills a man in a deadly encounter one night. Sadly, what the girl did not know, was that that man was the powerful master of the seas, the God of water, Poseidon. Well, how could she? It’s not like he had a name tag saying that! But oh well, what’s done, is done. The other gods demanded revenge. There was a heavy bounty on her head. Or should I say…heavenly (pun intended). Angie is a fugitive at large, a fugitive like no other. She did not know about any of this before the trickster god, Hermer came to her rescue. Still suspicious of his motives, Angie decides to trust him. They contemplated their next move. And et voila! An idea was born. They planned to pin all of this on another person. Well, see the catch was, that the gods were searching for a girl named ‘Juno’ and Angie also went by Juno in the past. But now ‘Juno’ was nothing but a distant memory in Angie's dark past. So yeah, they were planning on pinning it on another Juno and wanted to split the prize among themselves. Hmm…this sounds like it’s too good to be true, doesn't it? It was. This task was not going to be simple. Because two of Angie’s childhood friends had been appointed by the gods to locate her. And they saw right through Angie’s devious plan. Join an unconventional god, a wood nymph and a girl on an adventure incomparable.

Best Friend’s Revenge “When Liz Charleston's ex-best friend suddenly returns with a plan to take revenge on her, drama seems inevitable - but who knew revenge could be so handsome?”

Liz Charleston, a typical wallflower got an opportunity to join the popular girls in school. A chance to change her daily life in school. But at a huge cost. She got a chance to join the junior varsity team, only if she stopped hanging out with the only guy that ever cared about her. Desperate to become popular, she rejects him. 2 years pass by, and Frank, who now goes by Taylor, is back. He has transformed into Taylor Blackstone, the new kid on the block from New York. He has it all, unlike his past self. He's taller, stronger and more desirable than ever. Every guy wants to be him and every girl wants to be with him. But no one in the school has any idea who he really is. Except for Liz, the girl who betrayed him two years ago. And his only goal is to make Liz regret ever pushing him away.

Thank you for reading! Please do share with us if you read these books or start writing on Wattpad! See you next time! Ciao

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