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Top 3 Spooky Thrillers!

We all love to read some of those spooky thrillers, but more often than not can’t find the ones we are looking for. So here is our list of top 3 spooky books that will surely make you want to re-read the book!

Author: Kara Thomas

First, a car accident led to the death of two girls. After the accident, the murders begin. Those two girls were killed by a man next door, and the police shot the man. And the last one to die was Monica’s sister, who committed suicide. All these people from the cheer squad die too close to each other, leading to the disbandment of the squad in itself.

Five years after the deaths, the students and staff at the school wanted to remember the cheer squad but for Monica who lost her sister, it was not an easy feat. This was something she wanted to forget. But this is when she is open to a new world. From finding letters on her stepdad’s desk to making strange friends at school, the things from five years ago did not seemingly end. What does this mean? Find it out for yourself.

2. Harrow Lake

Author: Kat Ellis

Being the daughter of a celebrated filmmaker would and should be fun right? Not for Lala Nox whose dad was a well-known horror filmmaker. This makes her think that there is nothing that could scare her. But soon to her surprise, her father is attacked at their NY apartment which causes her to quickly pack up and leave to stay with her grandmother, who she had never met. Her grandmother lived near Harrow Lake which was also the spot for the shooting of her dad’s most acclaimed and iconic horror movie. The locals there were somewhat obsessed with the movie. Soon there were strange disappearances which the police wanted to explain. With all this going on, Lola felt that someone, or rather something was following her every move.

Is this town the problem?

3. The Haunted

Author: Danielle Vega

Hendricks Becker is new in town. She carries her own baggage with her. A dark and wild past to be exact. Hendricks doesn’t think that the small town her parents moved into provides much to her in terms of excitement. She had planned to stay low but when school started and she was welcomed into the popular clan, things went in the exact opposite way she had planned for them to go in.

She soon finds that the local legends say that the fixer-upper her parents were so excited about is said to be haunted. Hendricks doesn’t believe it until she experiences it herself. From screams to scratches, she sees it all. What next? Is she able to take the ‘evil’ down?

Special Mention

4. The Bad Seed

Author: William March

A child, a serial killer. Now they are the same people. Yes, a child who is a serial killer- is born into an ordinary family. Rhonda Penmark, 8, is very polite and intelligent- beyond her years. Needless to say, she was every parent’s fever dream. However, most children kept their distance from her. Something was not right about her.

She is deceptive, she is indifferent. Indifferent to what? Deaths. One of her classmates, Claude was found dead due to a mysterious drowning. Rhonda’s mother finds Rhonda to be indifferent to this entire death. Her mother is taken aback by this. This causes her to think and re-evaluate a few things. Only to find something very ‘interesting’. What was it?

We hope you found some books that you could add to your TBR and enjoy reading. If you have read any of these books, do let us know how you liked them. And that is all for today, thanks a lot for reading!

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