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The Riveting Six of Crows Duology

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Welcome to the Dregs, where treachery is the key to success.

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Author- Leigh Bardugo

A story of six teenagers with a scarring past, with one common goal. Ketterdam, a town with deep darkness among its streets and tall buildings owned by merchants. Testing of lethal drugs on humans with magical powers has woven a path to the extinction of Grisha magic. A rich merchant Van Eck, asks Kaz Brekker a criminal prodigy with a dark history

known for his quick wittedness and numerous mischeives, to break into Ice Court, a military stronghold of rival state, Fjerda. A reward of 30 million kruge, has been set, for turning Bo-Yul-Bayur, a scientist with the knowledge of jurda parem (a drug to multiply the powers of the Grisha), to the merchants.

Kaz sets on this mission along with five of his most trustworthy mates- Inej, the Wraith; Nina a heartender; Matthias, a Fjerdan Druskelle; Jesper, a fabrikator in disguise with a hand for guns; and Wylan, a runaway merchling of VanEck. During this heist, Kaz learns that Pekka Rollins, the man involved in the death of his brother Jordie is also behind the scientist. This just strengthens his and the crows will to be the first gang to retrieve the scientist from the Ice Court and win the price money.

Kaz explains his escape plan to the crew. His goal is to be the first gang which breaks into the Ice Court and come out alive, successful. They plan to get into the Ice Court as criminals, but leave as an army.

With their fist plan not working out the way Kaz expected, the gang is met with many ups and downs. Do all the members make it out alive, does anyone make it out alive? Do they find the scientist? With unexpected changes in plan, the 6 teenagers face the fears of unknown. Join them, become one of the Dregs, learn from the Saints, bow to the powers of Grisha, and never underestimate the power and intelligence of Kaz Brekker and his crows.

Author- Leigh Bardugo

With a kidnap pre-planned, the story begins on a tense note. Van Eck’s pregnant wife is held captive by the Crows, and later traded in for Inej later. Having many problems while getting out of the setting where they trade Van Eck’s wife for Inej, Wylan sets the room on fire while Nina shoots one of the soldiers blocking their way straight in the eye.

In the hideout, the crew discusses Kaz’s ideas about sabotaging Van Eck’s sugar silos using chemical weevil. This will increase the prices of sugar thereby defeating the idea of the merchant of gaining profits through Grisha Power.

These plans however take a major turn for the bad as they find out that Pekka Rollins is allied with Van Eck. Pekka attacks the hideout which is guarded by Jesper and Matthias, which hides the Kuwei.

Nina has founded new abilities of controlling the dead alongside her already existent Grisha Power-a Heartender, which they guess is due to her ability to overcome the effects of jurda parem and not being addicted to it.

Kaz Brekker, a mastermind, ideates another plan wherein an auction is planned for the indenture of Kuwei. What happens in the auction? Is Kuwei bought, will they give him up so simply? Someone is shot during the auction, who? Does trickery win or does the truth show its colors? Grab the copy, enter into another story from the world of Dregs, where treachery always wins.

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