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The Inheritance Games series

As we continue to help you discover books and series to add in your TBR, we have found some books and series that you might really like.

Today we bring to you an in-depth review of the Inheritance Games Series. This is a trilogy that will surely grasp your interest!

The book revolves around Avery. She is a teenager, her mother is dead, her father was missing for years and her half-sister who was also her guardian was bound to her abusive boyfriend. In short, conditions were not what one would call ‘ideal’ for Avery.

One day abruptly she is on a plane to Hawthorne House, a mansion in Texas. Here she discovers that she is the beneficiary of billionaire Tobias Hawthorne’s fortune. However, the only condition applicable was her living with Hawthorne’s family for a year. The family consisted of the billionaire’s four grandsons and a young adult brother who shared the same mother but had different fathers.

However, things complicate even further when she realises that it is all a multilayered puzzle and she needs to piece the clues together which were left in the billionaire’s mansion estate filled with hidden and undiscovered chambers. How does she pull through everything? Is she able to manage to gain wealth?

The previous book drops off at a cliffhanger and now Avery, the beneficiary of Tobias Hawthorne needs answers to her questions. She needs to find someone who can answer to her questions, why was she of everyone chosen as the heir of Hawthorne’s entire fortune? She was just a stranger, she didn’t know him at all until then. He already had his blood relatives, his grandsons, then why Avery?

Blood relatives? Was she one of them? On taking a DNA test, she comes to one conclusion, she is not related to them by blood. How does that help? It just complicated things further.

With the plot becoming more and more complex, two of the Hawthorne grandsons, Jameson and Grayson, pull Avery in different directions. Threats are lurking around in each and every corner of the mansion, after all, people would do anything to see Avery out of the picture and keep all the fortune to themselves.

Greed is fatal. Removing Avery out of the picture was an ambition to many which were not bound to ethical means.

The term of one year was almost ending, with just a few more weeks to go. Avery would then be the mistress of billions of dollars. With money comes undeniable fame, the paparazzi were tracking her every step.

With money comes safety? No. The danger was yet lurking around for Avery. The only thing getting Avery through the dangers was the Hawthorne brothers, they knew each other's secrets. They were intertwined with each other, their lives were.

As the time comes closer for her to inherit the money, someone arrives. Trouble arrives in form of ‘someone’. The clues which Avery had tried to put together soon start to make sense as she realises that the person was the last piece of the puzzle to solve. Avery and the brothers are against that certain ‘someone’. The game they play is dangerous but there does not seem to be any other way around it. Their opponent was powerful, but there did not seem to be any other way around it. Or was there away and they just couldn’t see it?

Answer to all your questions will obviously be found in the books so what are you waiting for! Add the book to your TBR right now.

If you have read the series do let us know what you liked about the book.

Which books do you want us to review next? Do let us know!

Thank you for reading!

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