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The Hobbit

The average height in India is 4’9 but in this fictional world, the average height is 3’6. Yes, this book revolves around these mythical creatures who aren’t taller than an 8 yo but manage to go on missions that might just save the world. The Hobbit is a perfect fit for any reader who likes reading adventure-coms ( that’s not a category), basically, books that are adventurous with comedy are sprinkled on the top. This book is the perfect introduction to middle earth and is a real page-turner.

Bilbo Baggins lives a quiet, peaceful life in his quaintly comfortable hole at Bag End. Bilbo lives in a hole because he is a hobbit. Small, plump people about half the size of humans, with furry toes and all of them, are typical ‘foodies’. Bilbo is quite appeased at Bag End, near the always happening hobbit village of Hobbiton, but little did he know, his comfort was going to be shattered by the arrival of the wizard Gandalf, who coaxes Bilbo to set out on an adventure with a group of thirteen ‘volatile’ dwarves. The dwarves are setting out on a great quest to reclaim their treasure from the marauding dragon Smaug which would bring them and their families great pride and wealth, and Bilbo is to act as their ‘burglar.’ The dwarves are very cynical about Bilbo being their burglar, and Bilbo is horrified about the fact that he would have to leave his comfortable life at home where he could eat and sleep as much as he would want to seek adventure where he might not get decent food for a long period of time. But Gandalf comforts both Bilbo and the dwarves by confidently affirming that there is more to the hobbit than meets the eye.

Sometime after the group sets out, three starving and famished trolls capture the whole adventure troop except for Gandalf. Gandalf deceives the trolls into lingering outside when the sun comes up, and the sunlight turns these trolls much like vampires to stone. The group finds a great stockpile of weapons in the trolls’ makeshift camp. Gandalf and the dwarf leader Thorin take the magic swords, and Bilbo takes a little sword of his own.

The group rests at the elfish haven of Rivendell, where they receive advice from the great elf lord Elrond, then sets out to cross the dangerous Misty Mountains. When they find refuge in a cave during a terrifying snowstorm, a crowd of goblins who live in the caverns beneath the mountain take them as prisoners. Gandalf being quick-witted leads the dwarves to a passage out of the mountain, but they accidentally leave our burglar, Bilbo behind.

Wandering through the tunnels, Bilbo finds a peculiar golden ring lying on the ground. He takes the ring and puts it in his pocket. Soon he encounters Gollum, a creature who lives in a pool in the caverns. Gollum wanted to eat Bilbo, and the two have a game of riddles to determine Bilbo’s fate. Bilbo wins but Gollum wants to eat Bilbo anyway, and he disappears to fetch his magic ring, which turns its bearer invisible! The ring, however, is the one Bilbo has already found on the ground, and Bilbo uses it to quickly escape from Gollum. He finds a tunnel leading up out of the mountain and learns that the dwarves and Gandalf have already escaped. Evil wolves known as Wargs stalk them, but Bilbo and his comrades are helped to safety by a group of eagles and by Beorn, a creature who can change shape from a man into a gigantic bear.

The troop enters the gloomy and dismal forest of Mirkwood, and, making matters more detrimental, Gandalf abandons them to see to some other urgent business. In the forest, the dwarves are caught in the webs of some giant spiders, and Bilbo must rescue them with his sword and magic ring. After slaying his first spider, Bilbo names his sword Sting. Shortly after escaping the spiders, the unlucky dwarves are captured by a group of wood elves who live near the river that runs through Mirkwood. Bilbo uses his ring to help the company escape and slips the dwarves away from the elves by hiding them inside barrels, which he then floats down the river.

Wondering whether Bilbo, Gandalf and the dwarves survived? Or if they defeated Smaug? Grab a copy of this book as soon as possible and find the answers to all your questions! Until then, ciao! :)

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