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The Devil's Breath by David Gilman

Gilman, a former television writer from the UK, presents this first book in a series practically written for the multitudes of Alex Rider fans (another series authored by David Gilman). Not only well-paced and action-packed, but Gilman’s writing and descriptive language make you feel like you are a part of this adventure. He spent a lot of time in Northhampton and South Africa and now lives in Devon. Devon is where the idea for The Devil's Breath sprouted. The Devil's Breath

Max Gordon is a sporty 15-year-old boy, is a pupil at Dartmoor High. Sounds preppy right? Wrong. This was the polar opposite of ‘preppy’. Dartmoor High is a private school that concentrated on vigorous and strenuous physical ‘activities’ and a no-nonsense (boring) education". This school was the breeding ground for Army officials, S.W.A.T officials and businessmen among others so you can imagine the level of training and discipline they must go through. One day, while Max was jogging across the moors, an assassin burst out of the dark windswept grounds of his school who tried to kill Max in col blood with a pistol. I could never imagine this happening on my school campus. Someone wants to kill him. To stir the pot up further, his father goes missing. One question lingers around at the back of Max’s mind. Are these occurrences connected? Max’s enthralling quest to rescue his father practically takes him on a global trip. Well, at least half of the globe. From the continent of Europe to Africa, he meets multiple people, some allies, the others? Not so much. Sayid Kahlif was a classmate and friend who was a computer geek. He scrambles telephone lines to help Max have secure conversations, He meets Kallie Van Reenan, the ‘lithe’ and ‘stunning’ 17-year-old girl, a headstrong young aviator who flies Max around Namibia. Max jumped out of the plane just to impress Kallie. Way to make a first impression, right? And lastly !Koga in Africa. He is a bushman boy who leads a revolutionary life and might just be the only one who can lead Max through the unforgiving and unknown South African terrain. Not for the faint of heart. Through astute and expeditious detective work, Max and Kallie discover that Max’s father is mixed up in the infernal plot of the mephistophelian Shaka Chang. A criminal mastermind. This plot puts all the other Criminal masterminds and their projects to sleep. This plot was BAD. Not only could this kill thousands of innocent people but will amount to an ecological slant. Does Max have supernatural powers? Can Max stop Chang in time and save his father and the others?

The Devil's Breath is the astounding first instalment in a series called ‘Danger Zone’. This is a solid first instalment. What we most enjoyed were the impeccable descriptions of the Bushmen, the terrain, and the action sequences which never fail to impress, definitely ensuring that readers will race through this enjoyable adventure story just like Max, who raced through Africa to find his father:) We loved reading this book, and we hope you do as well! If you have read this book, or wish to share any of your favourite books from the same genre, we are more than glad to hear from you! Thanks a lot for reading!

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