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The Bewitching Shiva Trilogy.

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“Creation and destruction are the two ends of the same moment. And everything between the creation and the next destruction is the journey of life.”
Amish Tripathi, The Oath of the Vayuputras

Books are the summary of one’s thoughts and insights. The lines of a book identify the author’s essence in a way that leaves readers wanting more. Amish Tripathi has managed to convey the rich and celebrated Indian mythology through young adult novels.

“His burden didn't feel any lighter. But he felt strong enough to carry it.” A line from The Immortals of Meluha. This was the first-ever book by Amish. This first book in the trilogy revolves around a mighty and highly celebrated God by the natives of Meluha, Shiva, The destructor of worlds. Shiva decides to help the Meluhans in their war against the Chandravanshis, who have joined forces with the cursed Nagas. Shiva learns how his choices reflect who he aspires to be. This leads to dire consequences and a mammoth war. Through this journey, the reader learns how through superior ethics and morality, a mere human transcends to be the God everyone looks up to.

“The opposite of love is not hate. Hate is just love gone bad. The actual opposite of love is apathy. When you don't care a damn as to what happens to the other person.”

The book is about the inhabitants of the mystical land of Meluha and how they are saved by a nomad named Shiva. The first book left us on a cliffhanger where Shiva is trying to save Sati from the continuous invasions of the vicious attacks. When Shiva leads his troops and reaches the lands of Branga, he finds that Sati’s firstborn is alive while in search of a clue to reach the Naga people. This journey ultimately leads him to the naga capital of Panchvati where he finds a challenge waiting for him. Shiva’s fierce, dedicated, determined and courageous warriors take the story up a notch. This book has a ton of plot twists and heroic tales to keep you engaged for hours.

“The key question isn't 'What is Evil?' The key question is ``When does the Good become Evil?”

This is the final offering of the trilogy and what a heroic tale it is!

The inevitable has happened. War has been unleashed all due to Vayuputras’ greed for possession of land, who are Lord Rudra’s devotees. Pashupatastra is another powerful character that has been introduced. The introduction of such polarising antagonists in the book has affected the plot of the story, making it a roller coaster ride for us. The murder of Sati adds the required drama and emotion to make the story more riveting. The main theme of the books is the tussle between good and evil and this battle, even though it is a tale as old as time, never fails to impress!

We hope we were successful in our aim to suggest the great works of the best of the Indian authors. Pick your pick and let us know what you felt about that book, we would be more than glad to hear from you! We post every Sunday, see you soon! Ciao :)

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