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The Best of Ruskin Bond

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As we proceed with our aim to celebrate Indian Authors, it would be a shame to not include the legend, Ruskin Bond himself. It would rather be an understatement to say his books are considered cult classics. With over 500 short stories under his name, Ruskin Bond set an era of change. Young kids are yet prone to buy Ruskin Bonds during the starting phases of getting into the world of books. Today we present to you, our top picks for all the people who wish to get into Ruskin Bond’s works.

This books takes us to long home of Ruskin Bond, Mussoorie. He effortlessly, with his magical words, to the pleasant home town. With such worded books, we feel and breathe the same air as the hill station right from our houses!

In pure Ruskin Bond style, he starts the book with a poem on sausages which needless to say is his favourite breakfast. As we move further, we are introduced to various characters during his various outings. His way of subtly but evidently bringing up various types of drives in the roads of Delhi, adds to the fun aspect of the book. We see some locals orating some binding stories as Bond travels through the hilly roads. He also brings out the topic of English Cinema culture and how it has changed the average scenario in cinema halls.

With every chapter, he touches on various topics all equally interesting, making the readers wish for more. Mussoorie is sure to be on reader’s TO VISIT list post reading this book!

We are back to the world of Ruskin Bond. Here the story begins with Ruskin Bond’s father tutoring some elite students who have come from royal families. Ruskin, being a young kid, wanders about admiring the beauty of nature, caressing every insect that would roam around in the palace’s lawn and garden. We are introduced to a Cristian Ayah who takes care of Ruskin, she is like a motherly figure to him.

The gardener, Dukhi, prepares a nosegay for a queen, who is of a short height but immensely pretty. On conversing with the queen, Ruskin leans that she is immensely friendly and they speak about their likes and dislikes and learn about each other. The queen says that she once fell in love with a servant and she was not allowed to marry. Ruskin finds about her lover, Dukhi himself.

The queen further states about her liking of animals likes snakes, and her liking of collecting them. They also speak about how her room has many windowpanes each other an uplifting and fun colour. This is a beautiful story, where we see people from two different sections of the society becoming friends and being comfortable with each other, bridging the gap of socio-economic standards set by the society. This book thence captures the point of views of various characters, from totally different backgrounds with different mindsets.

We are now introduced to Sita, the main character of this story. She lives with her grandparents on an island in a small hut. Leading a very simple lifestyle, her grandfather worked inside, Sita and her grandmother worked inside the house. One day we see Sita’s grandmother gets very ill. Her grandfather takes her grandmother to the hospital but not before he warns Sita about an upcoming heavy torrent of rain. He also says that if the rain gets too outrageous she must climb the high brass of the peepal tree. As her grandpa had warned her, the rain did indeed come in heavy torrents. She takes in a few things from her house and begins her climb unto the peepal tree. Due to heavy winds, the tree is uprooted and she starts floating. We are introduced to new characters like Krishan whom Sita meets on her journey and begins to stay with. During the later parts of the story we see her grandma has passed away. She returns to her hometown and starts afresh with her grandpa. This book is a perfect starter, expressing the life of a normal Indian girl, met with a rather tragic accident, which is sure to live with her every second she lives and breathes!

We hope we were successful in our aim to suggest the great works of the best of the Indian authors. Pick your pick and let us know what you felt about that book, we would be more than glad to hear from you! We post every Sunday, see you soon! Ciao :)

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