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The Best Beach Reads

With summer just coming in, the energy around is changing. So many of you have been on a vacation this past week! So what better idea it is than to list down our top 3 books to pick up and read during a sun bathing session on your favourite beach!

Author : Laura Dave

“Protect her” is all that Owen Micheals could manage to write for his wife before his sudden disappearance. Even though all that prevailed was chaos immediately after the incident, Hannah Hall, his wife knew who the ‘her’ was - Bailey. Owen’s sixteen-year old daughter. She did not like or rather had nothing to do with her stepmother.

All calls to Owen went unanswered, his boss was arrested by FBI, and soon a US Marshal and a few FBI agents come to her house, Hannah realised, she was pretty mistaken about her husband. Who was he? Why did he really disappear?

Join Hannah and Bailey as they discover those truths.

Author : Andrea Batrz

The book revolves around Emily and a death during her trip. Emily and Kristen, her best friend were in the mountains on a backpacking trip. On the last day of the trip however, things took a turn for the worse. When Emily entered her suite, she found the room with broken glass on the floor and blood all over the floor.

On asking Kristen what was going on, she said the cute backpacker she was flirting with had attacked her and she had no choice but to murder him, solely for self defense.

What we now come to know is that this exact scene had happened during their trip last year, how can the same thing happen all over again.

What is going on? Is Kristen actually who she appears to be, or is there a deeper unknown motive?

Author: Casey McQuiston

After her best seller Red, White and Royal, Casey’s next book also does not disappoint. The book revolves around August who is a twenty-four year old, who has just moved to NYC. She had her thoughts straight- love stories did not exist, there was only smart ways to make it through life, alone. She believed the subway commute was nothing more than a daily foostlog through boredom.

But things always take a turn don’t they? There is this one girl. On the train. Jane.

Ever heard of a ‘Subway crush’? If not, now you have. Jane was it for August. The air felt different.

Something is weird about Jane. She was displaced in time.

To know more, you have to check the book out- it won’t disappoint!

Special Mention!

Author : Shari Lapena

Everyone here is a keeper of secrets. Even the dead, rather especially the dead. Brecken Hill is one of the most expnsive places to live in and to be living there meant that you were rich.

Fred and Sheila Merton were the richest among the riches. But when a murderer knocks, even their money isn’t good enough of a shield for them.

After the Eve dinner, the Merton’s were murdered. The ones left were their three adult kids.

Who were devestated, weren’t they? It’s inheriting money we are talking about now. The family to begin with was nowehere near the ideas of perfect. Who killed them? Was it someone they knew? Find it our yourself!

And that’s it for today guys! We hope you found some books you would want to read. Let us know if you have read any of these books and how you liked them, we love to hear from you!

Thanks a lot for reading :)

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