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Its summer. You’re probably going out for a nice relaxing vacation or you chose to stay at home cosied up in a blanket. Whatever the case, you are going to read books, that I am sure of! Here is a list of specially curated books for this sweltering summer!

1. The Lifeguards Author: Amanda Eyre Ward This book revolves around three closely-knit mothers and their sons in an unforgettable summer. The neighbourhood featured in this book is nothing less than a typical American neighbourhood, with moms day drinking, beautiful green walkways, live music and a LOT of secrets. Whitney, Annette, and Liza have grown closer every minute of their lives for fifteen years and have raised their sons together as well. All of them are unique characters, coming from different heritages, backgrounds and beliefs. But the one thing they all believe in is that they can shelter their children from the cruel and dark world. The three teenage boys start as lifeguards that summer. Whitney, Annette, and Liza believe that their bond is unbreakable, bulletproof, and impassable. But that's what they think. One night, the three boys come back from a swim in their favourite swim hole on their bicycles. The boys let their mothers in on a secret. A secret that will ravage the perfect world the mothers have poured their sweat, blood and tears into creating. The Lifeguards is both a story about the secrets we have to tell to protect the ones dear to us, all in one scorching summer night.

Recently adapted into a movie by Netflix, Hearstopper is a story about two mismatched British schoolboys, who fumble their way toward romance. Charlie is a 10th grader who is popular despite coming out as gay at his school for boys. Nick is an 11th grader and a rugby player. Strong and hard exterior from the outside, he had a soft interior. When the two are paired in the classroom, Charlie develops an immediate crush on Nick. STRAIGHT Nick. Nick tries to spend more and more time with charlie on and off-campus. They both develop feelings for each other, but they wonder if the first crush on a boy was a proclamation of gayness. A lot of twists like run-ins with homophobic douchebags keep the graphics and storyline interesting. This is a very interesting first investment in the series. What will be the culmination of this…situation? Read to find out!

3. Bravely Author: Maggie Stiefvater Disclaimer: This book does not require you to watch the movie ‘Brave’ beforehand, but it would help you connect to the characters more. This book is set a few years after the happenings of Brave. Everything is fit as a fiddle in the kingdom of DunBroch. Merida leads a royal life and adventurous life. So does everyone else in her large family. The king is still…the king, with his joyous personality, the queen is still petite, the triplets are still mischievous, maybe more mischievous and Merida is still her own woman. But DunBroch has lured some outside forces. A warlord threatening the borders. And she is the least of their problems. Callieach, the Scottish goddess of creation, and Feradach, the god of ruin and destruction have only decided to create a ruckus. When Merida happens to catch Feradach about to begin his destructive work on DunBroch, she makes a bargain with the god and goddess. The condition was that she had one year to bring change to DunBroch and her family members and undo the harm which was inevitable going to be caused to her hometown unless she fulfils her end of the bargain. There began a series of journeys and battles to save her hometown.

Thanks for reading and we hoped you liked today's selection! Lots of love! Adios

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