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Sudha Murthy Must Reads

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We think Indian authors are not celebrated as much as they should. If ever one asks us for book recommendations we often speak about authors from foreign lands, overlooking the true gems of the Indian soil.

We recognize this and that’s why we have taken up the responsibility to spread a word about the best of the Indian authors. So, July will be Indian authors month!

We commence this month with one of the authors whose works are a crowd favourite, be it children or older people. Ms. Sudha Murthy. She has written numerous stories, taking us along with her into her own world of fantasy, one which one barely ever wishes to leave.

If you are just starting off with your reading spree, we believe books written by Sudha Murthy are the best.

Here are our top picks from her whole collection :

The book begins at a time, when all kids are at their happiest- the summer holidays. Here we see that the main characters of the story, who are cousins, are meeting up at their grandmother’s house for a fun-filled summer. With the whole family coming together, we are guaranteed a lot of anecdotes and fun filled moments of love. Here we see that Ajji is narrating various stories of fantasy to her children, when asked for. She makes these stories of her personal experiences and turns them into life lessons for the kids. Ajji is deeply loved for the scrumptious food she makes as well as the stories which keep the kids guessing and on their toes till the very end.

Sudha Murthy is undeniably one of the best storytellers. If you find yourself leaning in towards short stories with deep meanings and lots of fun things to learn, this is the book for you. We see the author speak about her world of fantasy and letting us in with 10 stories from the worlds of different people, some extremely rich, some poor, some very smart, while some particularity idiotic. Stories of the evil nature of greed to the author’s perspective of how the sea became salty, the book has it all! With immersive graphics the book is the perfect pick for anyone and everyone.

The world of Sudha Murthy is filled with love for children and her constant motive to spread knowledge and life lessons through her pieces. This book, a collection of over 35 short stories spread over various light topics, is the perfect pick for the people who have just begun on their journey to fall in love with the art of reading. It has the perfect amount of humour, and the tone of the stories make it very warm and welcoming for readers of all age groups and types.

No one knows the towns and cities of Sudha Murthy’s world better than she herself, which is accurately portrayed in her ability to express the most minute details of her stories with utter ease. With each coming line, the image in one’s head becomes clearer and clearer, making one wish to dive in further, hoping that the journey never ends!

We hope we were successful in our aim to suggest the great works of the best of the Indian authors. Pick your pick and let us know what you felt about that book, we would be more than glad to hear from you! We post every Sunday, see you soon! Ciao :)

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