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Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon is a rather famous American writer, director and producer. He is known for his crime and thriller novels. He has written various Broadway plays and has directed various Broadway movies too. Today we will list our top 3 picks from the various books authored by him.

The story revolves around Dr Judd Stevens who is a successful psychoanalyst based in Manhattan. He is faced with appalling odds of someone trying to murder him. His close ones are murdered one by one. The rampage begins with John Hanson, his patient, who is trying to overcome his homosexuality. The next one who is tortured to death is Carol Roberts who is his secretary. Police officers take Dr Judd Steven himself to be the prime suspect. However, not long after that he is run over by a car and following that during his post-recovery period, two men in the dark try to murder him In his office.

To save himself, he hires an investigator by the name of Norman Z. Moody. He puts some prime suspects into perspective: Harrison Burke, Anne Blake, and Teri Washburn. However, later on under the influence of Angeli (a friend), Dr Judd begins to consider Moody as a suspect.

In this complex web of mistrust, who is actually the murderer? Pick the book to find out for yourself!

This book merges four different deaths that have happened in different places across the world. Richard Harris in New York, Franz Verbrugge in Berlin, Mark Harris in Paris and Gary Reynolds in Denver. These 4 victims of accidents were linked by only one common fact: they worked for a think tank giant, headed by Tanner Kingsley.

In New York, the widows of Richard Stevens and Mark Harris run into each other. Diane Stevens and Kelly Harris had just both just met with Tanner Kingsley to discuss their husband’s death. When the two windows run into each other, Diane invites Kelly to a cafe to have a word with her regarding the matter.

At the cafe, the two ladies are attacked by goons. Later on, they realise, that even in their own apartments their safety is ceased. Further, they find that wherever they go they are under ruthless attack. According to them, Tanner Kingsley is behind it all, but was it really him?

Throughout the book, you will be met with unexpected twists and turns, and with every turning page, the storyline becomes clearer, or so it makes the reader think. This book does not disappoint!

This novel revolves around Lara Cameron. She is a flourishing real estate developer. She was based in Nova Scotia during her early years. Her mother and her twin brother died during her bath while her Scottish father did not wish to keep her. Due to these circumstances, Lara from the early stages of her life had learnt to fend for herself. Post her father’s death (which was due to a sudden heart attack) she took up his job alongside the kitchen work in a boarding school.

There she meets a man named Charles Cohn who is impressed by her and thence gives her a contract for a building. This was her first step into a male-dominated industry.

Pick up the book to find out about her journey and how she struggled her way to the top. This is indeed an inspiring piece and promotes the concept of gender equality!

If you have read any of these books or have some recommendations for us please let us know! Thanks a lot for reading, we hope you found out a few books to add to your cart! 

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