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Self Help books – YAY OR NAY?

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

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The books one wishes to read often depend upon the personal experiences one has been through. People often presume that self help books are only for the lost. They cater to everyone who wishes to be a better person, find a brighter and better person within themselves.

Some might believe that self help books don’t really help and it is just in the mind of the reader. We do not disagree; however, reading is a different experience for everyone. Some believe that post reading these books, they have finally been able to become a better version of their older selves. It is never a bad time to dive into one self help book, and try following the instructions and observe whether it actually works for you or not!

If you have already tried reading them, we would love to hear from you- how was your experience? What is your take on self help books?

For the readers who wish to dive into these genres of books, below we have mentioned some of the best self help books you can start with.

Author- Rhonda Byrne

If you believe, you are unable to ever find reasons to be happy, this book is a must read. How to be grateful? An answer which everyone has their own version of. Being grateful of not only your loved ones, but also objects like a mere water bottle is a trait not many posess. This book will lighten a side of your mind which is thankful and grateful for everything, and help you become humble and be truthful to yourself.

Author - Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia

Everyone has at least once been through the phase where one is unable to find the purpose of life. We all have felt utterly lost, some blessed with someone to guide them while others completely lost in this world of various realms of evil, but barely any of good. This book is based upon the Japanese concept of “ikigai” which stands for meaning/purpose of life. This book breaks down the concept of ikigai and gives us an insight of the Japanese concepts and culture.

Author- Louise L. Hay

The book focuses on portraying the point that one's mind is connected to one's soul. Whenever we grieve, our mind and soul grieve. The book puts forth a different point of view about medication. The author says that medicines mainly deal with removing the external symptoms of a disease, and is temporary. She believes that a disease can only be truly recovered from when one recognizes the disease and finds the mental roots of it and truly wishes to work on it. The author believes that “diseases” are mainly caused due to stress, she lists our various methods through which we can control our mind and come to peace with ourselves. At the end of the book, she also lists down various emotional patterns due to which we go through such pain.

Author- Robin Sharma

A book spread over 101 chapters, speaks about how it is extremely crucial to face the hard reality and learn from everything around us. Living in denial is not the actions of the smart, accepting the conditions and working on them in a correct way helps us in a lot of ways. It helps us understand ourselves better, and come to peace with ourselves. The author suggests various ways through which we can achieve this. He also suggests various ways through which we can build our personality and become a better person. He helps us create a bigger picture.

If you have read any one of these books we would love to hear from you! How did you feel after reading these? If you wish to recommend more books to us, we are more than willing to hear from you! Join the community and let’s together become better versions of our current selves.

Thank you for reading! We hope to hear and implement your feedback :)

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