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In 2022, we have all noticed that there is a tremendous rise in the number of rom-com books, and for good reason! Here are 3 books that have warmed every part of our hearts.

In a New York Minute by Kate Spencer Franny Doyle and Hayes Montgomery III have an unexpected subway meeting during what is possibly the worst day of her life. Both of them go viral as everyone is misled by their situation and coins the hashtag, #SubwayQTs. She's obsessed with bright colours and is extroverted while he wears a designer suit every day and is painstakingly introverted. But soon after, both of them start to enjoy each other's company. Franny is brawling with truths about her biological father with starting her own business while Hayes is struggling after a tumultuous divorce. Franny and Hayes' connection blooms in smaller moments. A rainstorm, a night planting a rooftop garden. This book is an ode to how connections do not necessarily foster not in grand gestures but in small cute gestures. Kate Spencer joins contemporary romance authors who know their way around this genre. This book unravels to be the reminder that in a New York minute, everything can change…for the better or the worst.

To Marry and To Meddle by Martha Waters Emily Turner has spent six seasons in the marriage market but when a friend and theatre owner Julian Belfry proposes a marriage of convenience, she realises that this was a way out from under the thumb of her parents. However, as they discuss their fairly different aims for marriage, they also start to develop all too real feelings. Julian and Emily put the needs of others first to a fault. Emily emerges a sparkling heroine, as her marriage of convenience allows her to rediscover herself. Julian is a man who is too proud and stubborn to mend the relationship he values the most, his relationship with his father. They help each other find a way forward, in turn making the other the most vulnerable, gentle and honest versions of themselves, not caring about societal expectations. Devilish detail and THE most adorable pet ‘book’ pet, Cecil, make this rom-com a memorable one.

Book Lovers by Emily Henry Nora has a reputation as a hyper-competitive agent, her life devoted to her clients. But when her little sister Libby begs her to accompany her on a trip to the town of Sunshine Falls, Nora can’t say no. Lo and behold! She runs into Charlie, with whom she's never had a pleasant interaction. But as the two are naturally pushed together, they find that they have more in common than either of them ever imagined. Charlie admires and loves Nora's drive and her soaring ambition which makes her a shark. But further into the book, it is revealed that Nora is like this for a reason. Still recovering from the sudden death of her mother 10 years ago, she's spent that time protecting her heart and keeping her sister happy at any cost. After all, hasn’t that woman gone through enough?. Charlie knows about sacrifice to align with someone else's needs. In each other, they find emotional support, and what their dream life could look like. Both Charlie and Nora are book lovers. Both, are people who believe in the logic that lies at the heart of the story. This book is for anyone who thinks that happy endings are certainly, worth the risk.

Thank you for reading! See yu next week :)

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