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Must Reads by Jane Austen

Jane Austen is quite a celebrated artist in England. She was famous for her six major novels which spoke about the British gentry during the late 18th century. Her plots often revolve around women and their dependence on marriage only to reach an acceptable social standing. If you are just getting into Jane Austen’s works here are our top picks for you.

Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park is Jane Austen’s third published novel. It was first published by Thomas Egerton. The novel tells the story of Fanny Pice, who is 10 and is sent to her uncle, Sir Thomas Bertram and aunt, Lady Bertram’s house in Mansfield Park. They had four children - Rom, Edmund, Maria and Julia. There also lived her other aunt, Mrs. Norris who behaved rather sour towards Fanny.

Post 5 years when Mr. Norris passed away, Aunt Norris’s visits to Mansfield Park increased and so did her distaste for Fanny. The next year, Mr. Bertram leave for business with his eldest son Tom. This was also the period Mrs. Norris was looking for a husband for Maria and finds Mr. Rushworth. Maria accepts her proposal.

Later the next year, Henry Crawford and his sister Mary joining the vicinity to start with their half sister and the wife of the new incumbent Dr. Grant. Edmund starts showing interest in Mary. On a visit to Mr. Rushworth’s estate, Henry shows interest in both Maria and Julia. Maria starts treating Mr. Rushworth dismissively, which spites his jealousy. With Tom returning back in town and later Henry meeting Fanny how will the tables turn? Who will end up with who? What kind of disagreements will uprise and will the family stay like one?

Pride and Prejudice

Here we are first introduced to Mrs. Bennet to tries her best to convince Mr. Bennet to visit Mr. Bingley a rich bachelor who had recently arrived in their neighbourhood. Even though he initially disagrees, her husband visits Mr. Bingley’s rented residence shortly afterwards which leads to an invitation to a call at the local assembly rooms. At the ball, the readers are introduced to Mr. Bingley and his two sisters, Caroline and Louisa, one of their husbands and Mr. Darcy who is his dearest friend.

Caroline and Louisa later invite Jane to Netherfield for dinner. On her way there, Jane catches a bad cold which forces her to stay at Netherfield. Elizabeth comes to visit Jane and here we see Mr. Darcy finds complimenting Elizabeth. This leads to Miss Bingley to develop feelings of jealousy. Elizabeth herself is unaware of this.

Mr. Collins who is Mr. Bennet’s cousin visits the Bennet family. He intends to marry one of the Bennet sisters and learns that Jane may soon be engaged and hence decided on Elizabeth.

With this current dynamic the progression of the story is something which always leaves the reads spellbound. To experience it yourself, pick up the book from your nearest book store!

Lady Susan

The story revolves around Lady Susan Vernon who is a beautiful and charming recent widow. With some prior notice, she goes to visit her brother and sister-in-law, Charles and Catherine Churchill. Catherine is however not pleased at this as Lady Susan had tried to prevent their marriage. Catherine’s brother Reginald arrives a week later and despite Catherine’s warnings falls for Lady Susan’s charms. Lady Susan’s confidante, Mrs. Johnson recommended her to marry Reginald. She declines that and says that she considers Reginald greatly inferior to Mr. Manwaring.

Frederica, Lady Susan’s 16 year old daughter tries to run away of school and later becomes a guest at Churchill’s too. Catherine comes to like Frederica as she appears totally unlike her mother. However, Frederica starts feeling for Reginald who is indifferent to this.

What next? Where does this lead to? Does Lady Susan remain widowed ever since?

We see this dynamic quite often in Jane Austen’s pieces as this was one of the most famous genres then. If you yourself enjoy reading books under this genre, we suggest you must read books by Jane Austen, it will be an absolute pleasure.

If you have read any of these books, do let us know your thoughts on them!

Thanks a lot for reading!

Till then, bye!

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