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Hidden Gems in the World of Literature

There are so many hidden gems in the world of literature. Among the social-media popular books, there are so many books that we don't speak about enough. Here are a few books strewn across different genres that you might find interesting:

Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón

This novel is set in post-World War II Barcelona. The story is about a young boy named Daniel Sempere, who discovers a novel by an author named Julián Carax. He finds the book in a hidden library called the Cemetery of Forgotten Books.

As time passes, Daniel becomes increasingly interested in Carax’s works. He soon finds out that someone is systematically destroying every copy of his books. This discovery leads Daniel on a journey of mystery and intrigue as he uncovers the dark secrets of Carax's past and the interconnected lives of those who were touched by the enigmatic author.

This novel deals with genres like fiction and mystery and combines elements of gothic literature making it an absolute must-read.

Author: Helene Wecker

This book is set in 19th-century New York. The story follows two mythical creatures- Chava, a golem who is made of clay and brought to life by a rabbi, and Ahmad who is a jinni.

Both of them find themselves navigating the complexities of human life as they form a strong bond of friendship. The novel has elements of historical fantasy and explores themes like identity and the search for belonging which makes it a read.

Author: Anthony Doerr

This novel is set during World War II. The story follows two characters- Marie Laure LeBlanc and Werner Pfenning. Marie is a blind French girl who was forced to flee Paris with her father while Werner is a German orphan who had a talent for radios and was a soldier for the Nazi army. The story captures the impact of the war on the civilians and the soldiers alive. Exploring themes of survival, loss, enduring, and navigating through the darkest times of one’s life, this prose is amongst the most intricate storytelling one could ever enjoy!

All these books offer a diverse range of experiences and genres to choose from. We hope you found something that you would enjoy giving a read to!

Thanks for reading!

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