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Guilty Pleasures

We all love happy books with the perfect endings but who can deny, that books with not-so-perfect endings are a lot like a guilty pleasure. We all love to shed some tears while reading books and feel the emotions of the characters of the well-written books to our core. Among the crowd of many books, there are some which are worth the read. So here are our top picks of such books!

Auhor : Ruta Sepetys

We have all heard of Titanic and how tragic the incident was. It is even considered one of the great tragedies in the history of the world. But this book isn’t about that. The book speaks of the greatest tragedy in maritime history, which is very little known, the sinking in the Baltic Sea on January 30 1945 by a Soviet submarine of the Wilhelm Gusloff. The ship that sunk that day was supposedly overcrowded. It had a capacity of 1800 but it carried over 10500 passengers, owing to which over 10000 people lost their lives that day.

Author: Henning Koch

Now we all know the term ‘Karen’. That’s ‘apparently’ Ove. He is one to point out people he hates, one with staunch principles and strict routines. Short temper too. ‘Bitter neighbour from hell’, was something his neighbours called him.

Now, was he just considered bitter just cause he didn’t walk around with a fake smile plastered everywhere he went.

Does he hide something? Is his bitterness just a veil for his sorrow?

Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid

Taylor Jenkins Reid has the entire book community in. chokehold. None of her books ever disappoint.

The book revolves around Hannah Martin, at the age of twenty-nine and yet with no idea of what to do with her life. Lived in six different cities already, she has held meaningless jobs, countless of them post graduating from college. Just as she was leaving another city, she moves back to her hometown of LA and stays with her best friend Gabby in her guestroom. One night, Hannah and Gabby go to a bar where she meets up with her high school boyfriend Ethan.

As its about to be midnight, Gabby asks Hannah if she is ready to go and on the other hand Ethan offers Hannah a ride later if she wants to stay. Hannah is hesitant and simultaneously confused. Where does she go and what does she choose?

One thing is for sure, of her choices, Hannah faces the effects pretty soon. What are they?

And that is it for today guys. We hope you were able to decide upon some books that you are sure to love. Do check out our other blogs for more book suggestions of your liking!

Thanks a lot for reading!

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