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Fifteen Bones

Things haven't been the same for Jake since the accident. Then he meets Robin and finds hope. She is exciting, fearless... and the most dangerous girl in London. RJ morgan hasn’t written a lot of books. And yes, his book does come across as childish at the first glance. But for non-readers or for readers who want to get back into reading after a long pause, his concise plots, easy to read language and relatable scenes make him the perfect choice for the same. Oing against the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” when I first set my eyes on this book cover. I knew I wanted to try it. Especially paired with the absorbing blurb. I can assure you though, the book definitely lived up to my expectations. While trying not to reveal anything, I'll only mention that it involves bad parenting, drugs, violence and gang violence (pressing issues) among other things. These themes usually appear very often in teen fiction and young adult novels, and I am a fan of them. They make the reading experience as a whole seem like it is based on a real story because these are the issues we are currently facing and have been facing.

This book is the perfect example of how these ‘sensitive’ topics can be dealt with in a book. Our main protagonist, Jake, the narrator, pities himself at first. Thin and ‘so broken’ by his despicable accident. He even found walking difficult. On the flip side, he's got an incredibly powerful voice. He aspires to be a comedian and the kind of guy who can make a joke about someone at their funeral, and everyone would eventually give in and laugh. As for Robin, she's an intelligent and beautiful character. The character development is insane! The multiple levels, the description of her murky past and how the author makes us feel involved in her life is a spectacular experience. She's not immediately likeable (I mean who is?)but even though she tries hard to not show any emotion, she's someone it's easy to sympathise with. Throughout this whole book, developing friendship between her and Jake is superb. Reminds me a lot of ‘They Both Die at The End’ (Check it out here:)

Morgan's dramatic writing style had me gasping and awwing At every page turn. There are breathtaking lines that have been penned down by Morgan. Chapter 1: Directly opposite my room was the bedroom of a teenage girl. Her window faced mine like a checkmate. Tree branches ran like veins between our houses, the garage roof a scaly skin that connected us like conjoined twins. Amazing. As a teenager, I think she captures the way the teens talk as well as their character and the will to ‘fit in’. The plot is exciting and tense, and there's a revelation at the end which I did not see coming!

Definitely recommended for all types of readers, you will DEVOVOUR this book in a day. A fantastic debut. I hope Morgan goes on to write many more such books! If you have read this book, do let us know your take on them, what you liked or disliked about the series! Thanks a lot for reading!

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