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Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

“Force a hand and it will fight you. But convince a mind to think as you want it to think, and you have an ally.” Dan Brown is one of our favourite authors who write the best thrillers with a nimbus of panic, multiple plot twists and a bomb of thrill waiting to explode. While having reviewed one of his most popular books, ‘The DaVinci Code’ in one of our previous blog posts, in this post we do an in-depth review of his techno-thriller books ‘Digital Fortress’ which was a decent read. Putting aside the fact that there are multiple technical errors in the crux of the book, the writing, however, is impeccable. This book traverses a world with the government surveillance of information stored on digital servers and devices. This information is about the private lives of citizens. It also talks about the varying implications of using this technology.

Have you wondered what would happen if every single person and country in the world, with an electronic device, could have access to every top-secret file housed by the government? The ‘top secret’ part gets eliminated then, doesn't it? Well, his is what our two protagonists, David Becker and Susan Fletcher have to prevent in this book. Digital Fortress is a book for anyone who likes action and suspense. This book follows the same pattern as his previous reads, however, still being different clads the readers with suspense and excitement.

One fine day, Susan Fletcher arrives at work. Just like any other day, everything felt normal, except the TRANSLTR. This is the supercomputer that stores highly sensitive and confidential data about the country’s citizens, military, highly protected secrets and practically all other data as well. Well on that day, the TRANSLTR encounters an ‘unbreakable’ code called, drum roll please, ‘The Digital Fortress’ and to stir things a bit, the TRANSLTR must crack this code before the timer runs out. If not then, something bad will happen. Ensei Tankado who is a former NSA employee firmly believes in being transparent and honest with the citizens about TRANSLTR. Out of his spite, he creates this ‘problem’ and turns out to be behind this ‘adventure’ of sorts. With hardly little to no preparation, our smart female protagonist and her boss set out to find the answer to this problem. The passcode is required to stop the TRANSLTR from releasing data to the public.

Parallelly Strathmore learns that Tankado died in Seville, Spain, Strathmore and hires Susan’s chocolate boy fiancé, David who had to set out to hunt for the passcode Tankado had set to stop the havoc which may be caused in the near future IF he finds the passcode. Meanwhile, at the NSA, Susan speculates that the person with the codename, “North Dakota,” who had once sent an email to the NSA who may be a fellow colleague. Just when this thought strikes her, a cold-blooded murder occurs at the NSA. Causing havoc while leaving everyone even more confused than before. While this happens, David Becker gets stuck in a mess in Seville, therefore, putting himself in extreme danger. But determined more than ever, to finish the job which would determine the future of the world, he gathers all his courage and determination, he pushes himself forward to find the passcode. The murderer at the NSA could be anyone at this point. The newbie spy sent to fetch the most important code in the history of the whole world is extremely inexperienced, and our courageous heroine, Susan Fletcher is torn between saving the country from possible chaos and saving her fiancé from a mission where he may or may not come back alive from. Will Susan, her boss, and her fiancé together form a good-enough team to save the nation? Will “North Dakota,” be caught? Well, you have to read the book to find out! We loved reading this book, and we hope you do as well! If you have read this book, or wish to share any of your favourite books from the same genre, we are more than glad to hear from you! Thanks a lot for reading!

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