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We have learnt so much more about Cassandra Clare’s books in the past two weeks. This blog will be the last blog in this series where we explored the world of CASSANDRA CLARE.

We said that the best way to get into her books was in the order that follows :

1. The Mortal Instrument Series

2. The Eldest Curses Series

3. The Infernal Devices

4. The Dark Artifices

5. The Last Hour

6. The Standalone Books

Today we shall speak about the Last Hour series and talk about her 4 standalone books.


This series revolves around Cordelia Corstairs who has been a trained warrior and ShadowHunter since childhood. Not many days later, Cordelia’s father was accused of a crime which resulted in her and her brother fleeting to London to prevent their family from getting ruined. However, Cordelia’s mother wanted her to get married.

But that is not what was written in her fate, it was nothing but to be a hero. Soon Cordelia meets James and Lucie heron dale who are her childhood friends. She is drawn into the world of ballrooms, unknown assignations, supernatural salons, where warlocks and vampires mingled with mermaids and magicians.

Cordelia just found a new life, but it doesn’t last long. She feels shattered as London is under attack by demons who were nothing like those she had fought before. They felt strong, almost impossible to take down.

How do they face this fight? What is the price they pay?

The book begins with what makes Cordelia look like she had everything she ever wanted. She was engaged to James Herondale, who she had always loved. James, Lucie and Cordelia lived together in London and she was reunited with her father. She also received Cortana, which was referred to as a legendary heroes’ blade. What else could one want?

However, the truth was something way grimmer. The marriage was just a pretence, which was done in order to protect Cordelia’s reputation. To make things worse, every time she touched Cortana, it would burn her hands. With this, a serial killer was targeting the ShadowHunters of London, at night and then vanished leaving no evidence of his crimes.

With all this going on, are they able to protect the Shadow Hunters?


This book tells us more about the character Magnus Bane from the series Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices. The book has 11 short stories and gives us insight into how Magnus Bane was as a warlock!

This book is like a dictionary to all the people who wish to brush upon their knowledge of the world of Shadow Hunters! It speaks about the demon languages, helps us discover various creatures and learn how to use stele properly. The book is an illustrated guide that helps the readers dive into the world of Shadow Hunters and get to know their world even better!

This book is led by Simon Lewis who had been a human and a vampire and is now a to be ShadowHunter. As when the ShadowHunter academy opens, Simon immediately enters the world of demon hunting.

Read the book and follow Simon on his journey finding who he actually is while learning more about the academy and its faculty with beautiful illustrations!

The Shadow Market is a place for faeries, warlocks, vampires and werewolves to meet. Here trade of magical objects takes place. In this book, we follow Jem Carstairs and see how he does dark dealings against the background of the Shadow Market. We see Matthew Fairchild’s biggest din, and meet Tessa Gray again as she plunges into the world war!

With this, we come to the end of these three blog series. We hope you were able to find a few books that interested you which you will be able to add to your TBR list!

These books are absolutely perfect to remove you from a reading slump, something which a lot of us have been going through recently. If you have read any of these books, do let us know your take on them, what you liked or disliked about the series! Thanks a lot for reading!

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