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Updated: Dec 17, 2021

We are back with the continuation of our last blog, just like we promised! In our last blog, we gave a little bit of insight on Cassandra Clare’s books and how one could go about reading them. We said that the best way to get into her books was in the order that follows:

1. The Mortal Instrument Series

2. The Eldest Curses Series

3. The Infernal Devices

4. The Dark Artifices

5. The Last Hour

6. The Standalone Books

We also gave an in-depth review about the first two series.

Check out our previous blog here

Now let’s speak about the next two series!


This series is a prequel to the series Mortal Instruments.

One thing we have learnt from Cassandra Clare’s book is that however much magic may seem dangerous, something more dangerous exists : Love.

The book is set in 1878, and revolves around Tessa Gray. As she descends into London’s mysterious underworld, she discovers her only allies being ShadowHunters. Not after long they find themselves against the infamous Pandemonium Club (Pandemonium club is a secret association of warlocks, vampires, demons and humans).

The evil goal of the Club is to rule out the British Empire, but can anyone stop this? Yes. Only Tessa and her group could. But how?

Tessa Gray seems to have found peace and safety with the ShadowHunters of the underworld. But is the ‘safety’ what is appears to be though?

After some incidents, it becomes evident that the Magister will settle for nothing but to use Tessa’s powers for his own evil deeds. Tessa with the help of Will and Jem, finds out that Magister’s war on the ShadowHunters is fuelled by revenge.

To know more about this new-founded fact, the trio travels from Yorkshire to a quiet mayor house, which could rightly be named the owner of untold horrors. Inside, their encounter with a clockwork Demon makes them aware of another truth : The Magister knowns of their every move and one among them hides another evil face. One of them, their own, has betrayed them.

Who was it? Whose heart, so pure before, was filled with evil mirth now?

Once again, dark shadows begin to tighten around the ShadowHunters of the London Institute. Mortmain plans to use his Infernal Device to destroy the ShadowHunters. The only problem was that to complete his plan, one crucial piece was lacking. And the crucial piece was none other than Tessa Gray.

The heads of the London Institute desperately try to find Mortmain before he begins his attack. Mortmain abducts Tessa. Jem and Will who are desperate to save her would do anything to save her. However, Tessa soon comes to the realisation that the only person who could actually save her was she herself. Was it possible for her alone to defeat an entire army of enemies?


This book is set 5 years post the events of the City of Heavenly Fire. The book revolves around Emma Corstairs who has grown into a young woman fixed on discovering the reason behind her parents’ loss. This is not her only motive, she wishes to avenge for her losses too.

However, she is not alone. Together with Julian Blackthorn, Emma has to learn to trust her wits and brain as they move on with the journey. She first investigates demonic plots in Los Angeles. She led the way from Sunset Strip, all the way to Santa Monica.

To make the already bad conditions worse, Julian’s brother,Mark, who has been captured by the faeries, returned. This might sound right, but the problem was that time worked differently in faerie and Mark had barely aged and could not recognise his family.

Do the conditions work in their favour? Is Mark able to return to his family safely?

As sunny and bright as Los Angeles seemed, it had the capacity to be one of the darkest places ever know. Emma had finally avenged her parents and against her belief that she would be happy and at peace, she was anything but that. The Unseelie King was tired of the Cold Peace and decided to no longer concede with the demands of the ShadowHunters. Adding on, Emma was also caught in a complicated love circle, which made matters worse for her. The law of Clave going against them, the three of them must come together and become one - defend everything close and dear to them; before the times turn against them and it’s too late.

The price of true love, has been displayed in multiple times in Cassandra Clare’s book.

Blood of the innocent, was spilled mercilessly on the steps of the Council Hall, a place sacred to the ShadowHunters. One of the deceased is Livia Blackthorn. This brings the Clave teeters on the absolute brink of a civil war.

One fragment of the Blackthorn family flees to LA. This move was made by hem to discover more about a mysterious disease which was sweeping away races of warlocks.

While all this is in progression, Julian and Emma find secrets in the Courts that may lead to the Shadow World tearing apart. This would create a future filled with darkness, one that no one could even imagine.

Will they be able to save the world once again? The clock seems to tick faster and the time is running out- do they lose everything, their loved ones?

With this we come to an end of this blog as well! We shall discuss the last two of Cassandra Clare’s series in the next blog, keep an eye out for the same!

All your suggestions are deeply valued, and we always love to hear from you! If you have read these books, please tell us more about your journey, and your thoughts on the same!

Thanks a lot for reading!

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