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Books with the best plot twists

We often find ourselves being extremely engrossed in books which have sudden and unexpected twists and turns. Books which make you want to turn the page and keep reading just to know, who is it that lives on and who is it that meets their unprecedented but inevitable death. Here are our top 3 picks for you which you will surely enjoy.

Author : Neal Shusterman

The story is set in Everlost, a place between life and death where all the lost, called Afterlights, go to after getting lost in their respective journeys to the afterlife. The Afterlives must not interact with the people in the world and shall sink to the core of the Earth if they are to stay still. Here fortunes are given extreme importance and hence here they believe fortune cookies to be of utmost value.

The novel revolves around Nick and Allie, who on being saved by Lief come to know that they are “Afterlights” who can not be seen by the living. They are part ghosts but shall retain the exact same appearance they had when they died. In New York they meet the mother figure of the Afterlights, Mary Hightower. She lives with all the other kids in the World Trade Center. Post they settle down, Allie goes out with Nick and Lief to see what special powers he was gifted with. Allie on her journey due to various incidents realizes she could pick up living things and possess people. While Allie tries to understand her powers to greater depths, Nick starts to discover his purpose.

However, during the entire journey, Allie is captured by McGill, who appears to be an unsightly monster who controls a ship full of Afterlights. McGill takes up Allie, Nick and Lief as his prisoners and hundreds of other Afterlights as his prisoners and hangs them by their ankles.

Is McGill really who he appears to be, and what were his reasons to capture all these innocent Afterlights? Does the trio of Allie, Nick and Lief make it our alive? Pick out the book from your nearest book store the uncover the series of events, good or bad, in the book!

Author : Nicola Yoon

Everything, Everything revolves around Madeline Whittier, an 18 year old, half Japanese and half African-American girl who is under the care and supervision of her mother (who is a doctor) for SCID [Sever combines immunodeficiency]. This meant that Madeline was not allowed to leave her house or be around any object that had not been sanitized. Her entire life was bound to her mother, Pauline, her caretaker/nurse Carla and her beloved set of books.

A new family moves into their neighbourhood. The family had a son named Olly, whose father is abusive; and a daughter named Kara, who had a smoking problem. Olly and Madeline immediately click and start speaking to each other. Clara (Madeline’s nurse) helps sneak Olly into their house once and post that Madeline and Olly meet often. When Pauline comes to know of these occurrences she fires Clara and prohibits Madeline from seeing Olly again.

One day, Pauline shows Madeline some pictures of the old days when their family was at Maui and Madeline was only months old then. This photo sparks a sense of utter determination in Maddy to visit the outsider world and she makes the impulsive decision to go to Hawaii with Olly. Olly shares his concern however Madeline lies and says that she is on a prescribes medication which would stop her from getting sick.

Olly and Madeline go to Hawaii, explore the country and have a fun time. How is that possible?

The next day, Madeline wakes up sick and is to be rushed to the hospital. Madeline’s mother however brings her home and hires Carla to take care of Madeline.

After all this, 2 months later, something very shocking takes place. An email changes the entire thought process Madeline had towards her mother and the way she led her life. What was it and why was it so shocking? Find it out yourself, get the book as soon as you can!

Author : Ellen Raskin

Lake Michigan has a lot of new apartments being built and Sunset Towers is one of those. It stood to he north of Milwaukee and just down the shore from the mansion owned by Samuel W. Westling. Samuel Westing claimed to be a self-made millionaire who was an affluent businessman. He was supposedly life-long sober and was extremely patriotic.

The novel opens with Barney Northrup selling apartments only to a selected group of tenants.

One odd rule stands that chess is not allowed in the entire building. The death of Samuel Westing in the beginning of the novel reveals that most of the tenants have been named heirs in Westing’s will. The will is shaped in form of a puzzle which is to be solved to among the 16 potential heirs. The 16 people are divided into 8 groups and the pair to solve the entire puzzle inherits the entirety of Westing’s $200 million fortune and also gain the complete control over his company.

Money often leads to greed, and due to greed people don’t refrain from taking lives. Money, that is often everything one’s live revolves around now. Read this book and we are sure you are to enjoy the various dynamics all the characters add. This book does not disappoint!

Thrillers and mysteries are surely one of the mass-favorite genres. If you have read any of these books, or wish to share any of your favorite books from the same genre, we are more than glad to hear from you! Thanks a lot for reading!

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