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Books with heart wrenching endings

We are often accustomed to read books where the ends are just what we expected. Good wins over evil, the novels often end on a good note. An end which makes us feel happy after reading the book.

But there are some books out there, which really beat this concept and have endings which most often than not, leave you feeling, in simple terms, heartbroken. If you really feel like reading books like these but don’t know which ones to pick, you have come to the right place!

Here are our top 3 picks for books under these category :

The book is narrated by death. The book revolves around Liesel Meminger. This book is set as Liesel comes of age in Nazi Germany during the World War II.

Post her brother’s death in the town of Molching, Germany (the place is fictional), Liesel comes to her new foster parent’s house : Hans and Rosa Hubermann. Liesel had slowly started adjusting to her new house. As the political conditions in Germany were in a constant state of deterioration, her foster parents concealed a Jewish man named Max Vadenburg. Hans had developed a close relation with Liesel and taught her how to read and write.

By discovering her knack and skill for reading she starts to steal the books that the Nazi party were looking to destroy. She also writes her own stories and shares the power of literature with Max.

From here the book starts getting twisty, and if I do speak about it more, I fear I will have spoiled the plot.

As the book ends we see Death’s last word is : “I am haunted by humans”

This book is set in the post-apocalyptic Earth. A father and son journey on foot across the ash covered US a few years post the extinction event. Soon the father realizes that they will not be able to sustain the cold in the winter latitudes and hence takes the boy to the south via interstate highways. The father had assured the kid that they were the ‘good people’. They had one revolver but with only two rounds. Without any food with them they are near starvation when they find a concealed bunker filled with food and clothes. Here they stay for a few days, build their strength and leave for their journey again.

On the journey, they are met with quite a few problems. Casualties occur. There is no mercy cause what now matters is ‘I’.

The book really ends on an unexpected note and makes it really hard for a reader to mentally move on from such a masterpiece!

This is another novel based during the period of the World War II in Berlin. The book revolves around Bruno who is a nine year old boy who lives with his parents, his 12 year old sister Grete and his maids. One day his family is visited by Adolf Hitler, Bruno’s father Ralf is promoted to Commandant at Auschwitz which was the biggest concentration camp in history.

Bruno wasn’t to keen on this as he did not wish to leave his best friends. Once they move to their new house, Bruno is able to see the camp and sees a guy with ’striped pyjamas’. As he goes in exploring he meets a jewish guy called Shmuel and soon realises that they both share their birthdays and age. Eventually Shmuel and Bruno become good friends and Bruno used to sneak in sacks and food for Shmuel, unless it was raining, in the camp.

Where would this friendship lead? Was it not naive to befriend someone from within the camp? This book is really a page turner.

And that’s all from our end today. We hope we found some new books and share the same interest that we do in reading these new finds! Thanks a lot for reading!

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