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Books to enjoy this Valentine's day! - The Blogger's League

Valentine's day is (almost) here! Yay. But you don't have anyone to celebrate it with? Well do not fear, these books will make you forget all your valentines day blues! Maybe even break your heart :)

Author: Justin A. Reynolds

The book revolves around two characters: Jack and Kate. It was at a party that they met and shared their common love for From Loops which made them bond. Jack was completely aware of the fact that he liked Kate. Way sooner than he had expected, Kate met his friends and managed to please them with the same effortless ease as she had pleased him.

After this, something truly unexpected occurs. Kate dies. But no, this isn’t the expected end of the story.

Jack is sent back to the beginning of it all, where and when Kate and he had met. Kate was there too. How you may ask? Check it out on the book itself!

Author: Sarah Kuhn

The book is all about Kimi Nakamura. One thing to know about her is that she loved a good fashion statement. She loved wearing bold outfits which made her feel confident! Of all this, her mother disapproves. This caused both of them to get into huge arguments and when they did, Kimi’s entire future felt like a distant dream, so far fetched - on the verge of falling apart.

One day, when luck favoured her, she got a letter from her grandmother inviting her to Kyoto for her spring break. How could she miss this opportunity? She was all ready to move away even for even the shortest period of time from the disaster of her life.

She comes to Japan and is met with a culture that she is sort of accustomed to but which simultaneously felt foreign. She was extremely fainted by the various beauties of Kyoto- the art installations, the cherry blossoms, etc. There she meets Akira, an aspiring med student who was in a mocha costume. And from there on everything changes, for the good or for the bad? Find it out yourself!

Author: Jesse Q. Sutanto

The story is all about Meddelin Chan who ends up accidentally killing her blind date. Her mother is meddlesome and conveniently calls for more of Medielin’s meddlesome aunties. All this to get rid of the body.

But against what all of them believed, hiding the dead body was much more of a task than what they thought it was. It was more challenging because it was unwittingly shipped in a cake cooler to an over-the-top billionaire wedding where Meddling, her mom and aunties are working.

But this really wasn’t it, situations just keep getting worse for Meddling. How? Find it out yourself. This book is very entertaining and surely is not one to disappoint!

We hope you were able to add a few more books to your already overflowing TBR. Do let us know down below if you have any recommendations for us! Thanks a lot for reading!

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