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Books that have characters with mental-illnesses

We have been outspoken about mental health in recent times, a much-needed change. This change was necessitated owing to the large mass of people suffering through it, each one of them feeling alone, in need of company only to find none. With this change in our mindset, we are not only able to display our full support towards people going through mental illnesses but also letting them know, that they were and never will be alone in this journey. There are various books that sport characters who face mental health disorders. Today we will list our top 3 picks of such fictional books, where the character is diagnosed with a mental health disorder.

Author: Mira T. Lee

The story revolves around two Chinese American sisters, Miranda and Lucia. Miranda is the older one of the two who acts as the guardian of her younger sister Lucia. Lucia is quite unpredictable, she has huge impulses and when she starts hearing voices, it is Miranda who must help her. Lucia ploughs ahead, but it is true that she is mentally ill. Lucia liked to live life at a grand scale, but she does fall low. Miranda, who lived a self-contained life in Switzerland had to resume her sister again. But it remained in the hands of Lucia to decide whether she ‘wanted the help’ or not.

This book gives us insight into the bond between sisters and how mental illness impacts the lives of one another.

Author: Adib Khorram

Darius the main character of the book is dealing with clinical depression has a disapproving dad and has a very anaemic social life. He is about to take his first trip to Iran and for obvious reasons, he finds it overwhelming.

When he reaches Iran, he meets his maternal family - his grandfather and loving grandmother and others, for the first time. However, he meets someone special, Sohrab, the boy next door. Darius was one who never had a ‘true’ best friend. However Sohrab and Darius immediately become best friends and they realise, sometimes silence is the key. Best friends don’t always have to talk.

With the perfect element of humour, the book is both heartbreaking and hilarious.

3. Alice and the Fly Author: James Rice

Greg, the one around whom the book revolves has a fear of spiders, arachnophobia. Simultaneously he also suffers from schizophrenia. He is a silent kid, isolated. His history teacher Miss Hayes notices a difference in him. She asks him to write down his thoughts, all this while Greg has feelings for his classmate. Greg knows that it was time to fight his inner demons.

What’s fascinating about this book is that one can not trust the author. Everyone will find their own truths in the book, belief what they want to. It is about delusions and obsessions, making the reader think, “Is it really though?”

With this, we come to an end of today’s blog. In our next post, we will list down our top picks for autobiographies under the same topic, so look forward to that! Thanks a lot for reading!

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