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Now a lot of you like to switch up the genre of books you read every now and then. If you are one of them, then this is the perfect blog for you. Here we will list down our top 5 books from various genres that you must try reading. Let us know after reading if they were a hit or miss for you!

Author: Johnny Sun

This book sleeps on a lot. It deserves a lot more attention than it has received. This book is a collection of essays and other writings from Johnny Sun. His unique way of writing adds a lot of depth and a much needed personal touch to his work. The pieces speak of heavy topics like loneliness and lighter topics like humour pieces or some one-liners that have stuck with him throughout the years.

Being human, he has struggled with feelings of not being productive or his difficulties with anxiety. He has managed to word them perfectly in his book and has managed to make a connection with his fans through this book.

Author: Celeste Ng

Their favourite child and her death. A Chinese-American family based in Ohio in the 1970s faced death. Lydia was Marilyn and James Lee, her parents’ favourite child. They wanted to do everything they could do within their means to fulfil her dreams- something they weren’t able to do.

But things don’t always happen the way we envision them to be. Lydia’s body was found in the local lake. She was the middle ground her their family, now that she is gone, chaos is the only thing that will ensue. The members of the family discover each other’s new faces, try to rebuild broken relations through these demanding times.

Author: Akwaeke Emezi

Parental Advisory Suggested

The unearthly experience of having a fractured self is well explored in this novel. Ada, who is a Nigerian woman was born with ‘one foot on the other side. She develops separate selves within herself as a result of this.

From early times, she was a troubled kid which was naturally, concerning for her family. Saul and Saachi who were her parents prayed for her existence but as she grew, there were changes- not necessarily good ones. As she came of age and moved to America for her college, she is faced with a traumatic assault. Ada slowly fades into the background of her own mind, into selves, loses control and slowly moves towards a deep and dark pothole. It is now a race with herself to save herself from herself, how does she do?

Author: Catherine McKenzie

At her routine doctor’s appointment, 48-year-old Jennifer Barners got the most shocking news she had ever received. She was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour with only six weeks left to live.

Whatever time she had left, she decided to spend it with her family, her triplets and twin grandsons. She soon realises, she was poisoned a year earlier. Who did it? This was one question she was determined to answer before she was gone.

Her daughter doubts her interest in this a lot and seems to question her. This doesn’t help Jennifer but feel whether she was actually poisoned or is it all a product of her imagination or is there actually someone who wanted her dead?

Author: Alex Day

People are not always who they seem to be. Susannah was the one who has had a tough year. A divorce, losing a life she had grown used to, and then finally moving to a smaller town with her two sons seemed like the fresh breath of air she needed.

There she meets Charlotte, someone who had it all. A perfect husband, a perfect family, a perfect house, but is that really what it seems? Does loneliness gnaw at Charlotte’s heart? Something she has never been able to share anything with anyone, lacking someone to confide in.

But one of the two is not who they seem to be. Beneath their veil, deep, dark, and dirty secrets lay hidden. Betrayals are on their way to haunt them. Truth is hidden but only for so long. How long? Till only one life to tell the tale.

And that is all for today guys, we hope you give these books a shot and let us know if you liked them or not.

Thanks a lot for reading. See you in the next blog.

Thanks a lot! Bye!

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