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Once in a person’s lifetime, almost everyone comes across this one situation where they have to step up and be leaders. For some people, this opportunity presents itself scarcely in their life but for some, leadership is their job. Regardless, no one is a born leader. And if you want to develop your leadership skills, well these books are for you!

Author: Jim Collins This book is a must-read because it provides insights on the impact of leadership on a business and how they go from ‘good to great’. Collins is curious by nature, and he was fascinated by what was the difference between a good and a great organization. Hence he set out on a research adventure to analyse and compare American corporations. Then they have selected eleven companies that fit into the ‘good to great’ category which have made it into the book. Reading this book feels like a presentation, not the boring ones, the interesting ones, where you understand everything because the presenter walks you through every step of his journey, which is why it appeals to people who aren't in business as well. It is an exceedingly engaging read. With every chapter that passes, we as readers get a peep into their discussions, disagreements discoveries among others for five years which also helps us get an understanding of how research on a large scale takes place.

The title of this book is pretty self-explanatory. The 21 laws have 21 chapters and each chapter when read, understood and implemented by the reader, helps the reader in motivating people, leading better and inspiring them. And when this process is repeatedly done throughout the whole book, it changes your personality and makes you a leader that people want to follow. Maxwell has over 30 years of experience, the success stories, the mistakes, his understandings in the fields of politics, business etc. and has spoonfed it to the reader in a study which reveals all the aspects of his professional life which is guaranteed to make you a better leader.

Jocko Willink and Leif Babin are highly trained and decorated Navy SEALs who are the epitome of leadership and have led special operations units in Iraq. They demonstrate how to take all of the leadership learnings from the battlefield and how to implement them in real life. Lessons from this priceless book have been taken up by multiple business tycoons and leaders over the globe. It also gives an understanding of how to develop teams which work in synchronous like the hands of time for maximum efficiency. This book overall gives us a background into the author’s lives and has proven to be effective in many cases so do give it a read.

With that, we come to the end of today’s blog! Happy reading! Catch you next Sunday, till then, adieu!

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