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Crime based books are great for a day with a breeze and a nice warm cup of tea. So here is our list of 3 top books so make your blood curdle.

1. Carrie

- Stephen King

'Carrie' is about a telekinetic girl in a town in Maine. She is an unhappy girl. She has the worst mother anyone can imagine, she was ready to beat the fear of Christianity into sinners and atheists. No wonder Carrie grows up all but mute and shy. She is the butt of jokes in school and is that ‘one girl in the corner’. But she has strange gifts. Finally, she BURSTS. All that emotion let out, but wait...this isn't a normal breakdown. The result is sheer disaster for her and for all around her. Carrie is able to move objects with her mind, and after she's humiliated during gym class, her psychic powers ratchet up a notch or two. When she's invited to the prom by the most popular boy in school, she thinks it might be another joke on her. She and the residents of Chamberlain, however, have no idea what's in store for them on that fateful night.

2. Hidden in Plain Sight

- Jeffery Archer

Jefferey Archer never fails to disappoint and all of her works are jam-packed with secrets, action, adventure and of course, splendid writing which leaves you wondering what happens next. Hidden in Plain Sight revolves around a gloomy Detective Sergeant William Warwick who was recently promoted. He gets assigned to the drugs squad, his first heinous task being investigating a vicious drug lord in London called the ‘Viper’. But as William and his team close the net around the criminal network unlike any they have ever encountered, he also comes face to face with an old enemy, the notorious Miles Faulkner. Adrián Heath, from his school days, now a street dealer who he convinces to turn informer. It will take all of William’s street smartness to devise a way to bring both of these criminals to justice, a trap neither will expect, one that is disguised in plain sight.

3.The DaVinci Code

- Dan Brown

This book is one of the best mystery thrillers which we have read. In the dead of night, in the city of love, Paris, Symbologist Robert Langdon is awakened by an alarming phone call. The elderly curator of the Louvre was viciously murdered, and on his body were carved a number of various symbols. Sophie Neveu, a cryptologist and Robert, investigate this peculiar case designed for them to solve. These symbols revealed a huge amount of clues based on the works of the master painter, Leonardo Da Vinci. All the clues were very obvious but finding a link between them, that was the task…

They then understand that the late curator was involved in a secret society named ‘Priory of Sion’ including reputable members such as Da Vinci, Victor Hugo and Sir Isaac Newton. This meant that he guarded a massive historical secret, and unless the two skilled detectives could figure out the labyrinthine puzzle, while being shadowed by their foe, another secret would be lost in history forever. So they need to move fast, but who knows what the future holds for them.

If you have read any of these books do let us know your opinion on them. If you have any more book recommendations, we would love to hear from you. Until then, Ciao.

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