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Apocalypse-based fiction thrillers

Everyone has always placed themselves in a scenario where they are amidst an apocalypse at least once in their lives, at least I have. And that's why I thoroughly enjoy Apocalypse-based fiction thrillers. Here are my top-3 picks!

Maze Runner consists of science-fiction, dystopian action-adventure books. The first book is about Thomas. He wakes up trapped in a maze with a few other boys. He has no memory of the outside world other than dreams about a mysterious organisation known as WCKD (World Catastrophe Killzone Department). So by piecing together remnants of his past life and clues from the maze, he discovers a way to escape the maze. Scorch Trials is the book after Maze runner (Book 1) which takes them to Scorch, a lonely and depressing area, filled with numerous obstacles. The gladers take up the humongous powerful forces of WCKD to uncover their plans once, and for all. Overall, Maze Runner is one of my favourite books which keeps you on the edge of your seat. In some parts, it does get a bit disinteresting when the gladers are just walking through the desert and pass comments on the intense heat etc. However, I do like the fact that they introduced new dynamic characters from different backstories. The book does not have action and drama throughout, which makes it an interesting experience.

When a global catastrophe is near, do not fear, because an underground city known as Ember is constructed to provide shelter to a large group of survivors. A small metal box or a time capsule which is intended for a future generation of Emberites is timed to open after 20 decades. This box is entrusted to the Mayor of the City of Ember, and each Mayor passes it on to their successor. But suddenly, when the seventh Mayor dies suddenly, this chain of succession is broken, and after some time, the box's significance is forgotten. The box opens by itself at the allotted time but no one notices it. Many decades later, Ember's generator failed, so necessities ran short.

One day, at a rite of passage for all the graduating students of Ember City School, Mayor Cole stands before the students as their adult occupations are assigned to them by lottery. At home, Lina, a descendant of the seventh Mayor, finds the opened box and enlists Doon's help to decipher its contents. Gradually, they learn that it contains a set of instructions and directions for an exit from the city through the pipeworks.

After dodging the attack of a gigantic star-nosed mole, they discover that Mayor Cole had been hoarding canned food in a secret vault for his own benefit. When Lina attempts to report this, the Mayor captures her. Did Lina escape? Will they flee this forgotten city? Read the book to find out.

Saba, whose mom is dead, lives with her father, twin brother Lugh, and younger sister Emmi in a lawless wasteland. Silverland. Half a year after Saba and Lugh turned eighteen, four cloaked horsemen show up. They kill the father and kidnap Lugh. The novel revolves around Saba's quest to find and rescue her brother, with whom she shares a special bond. The two are captured by a couple, Rooster Pinch and Miz Pinch. They force Saba to fight in the Colosseum for a man known as the ‘Cage Master’. The couple, Mr and Mrs Pinch, keep Saba fighting by abusing and threatening her life of Emmi. Saba and her sister eventually escape from Hopetown. This is where the Colosseum is located, with a fellow fighter named Jack and a group of female warriors known as the Free Hawks.

As the story progresses, Saba learns that Mr and Mrs Pinch are actually the parents of a king who uses an addictive drug to control people. This same king is the one who sent the four cloaked horse riders, known as the Tonton, to kidnap Lugh and kill her father. Not only are more plans made to rescue Lugh, but more conflict ensues and a romance develops between Saba and Jack. Does she rescue Lugh? What progressed between Saba and Jack? Read the book to know more. Thank you for reading, see you next Sunday!

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