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All About Murder Mysteries

Murder Mysteries are always among the most interesting ones. They tend to keep the readers engaged till the very last. However, having the right murder mystery is something you can trust us with. Here we present to you our picks on the best murder mysteries which you must give a go-to if you wish to explore more under this genre.

Author: June Hur

The book is based in Joseon, Korea 1758. The options available to the illegitimate daughters of the capital city appear few. Hard work and study have however earned the eighteen-year-old Hyeon a position as a palace nurse. She wants to keep her head low and work well in order to get her father’s approval.

But things never go the way they should. Hyeon is thrust into a dark world of court politics when a murder takes place. Not one not two, but four women are murdered in a single night. The prime suspect? Hyeon’s close friend and mentor.

Hyeon is determined to prove her mentor’s innocence, she starts her own secret investigation. How do things turn out for her? Find out yourself!

Author: Jacey Bedford

The king of the kingdom has fallen. The queen thence has gone missing. The usurper king on the Amber Coast is literally taking Zavonia to the brink of war.

There are people who can set things right, but they are a failed bodyguard, a Landstrider witch and the main assassin who sets off the whole chain of events.

Things right? What things? There is a dangerous magical power rising up in Biela Miasto.

The Captain of the High Guard, Valdas had failed his duty to protect the king, but now he is also accused of the king’s murder. He is sworn to seek justice and is on the run.

Mirza is the Landstrider witch. She is valued but equally featured for her witch mark. She has the ability to walk the spirit world.

The assassin- Lind, is a clever one. Someone paid him to kill the king. But who? Who is to blame?

Author: Tana French

Based in a small Dublin suburb this is a very promising mystery. It is in the summer of 1984 that a mother begins to call her children home. It is a warm and pleasant evening, but contradictory to that, the children do not return home. It is dark and the woods silent, not one cry is heard. The police arrive only to find one child. The child is gripping onto a tree, his sneakers blood-filled. What about the two others?

The book then progresses 20 years ahead.

The boy who was found, Rob Ryan is not a detective on the Dublin Murder Squad. His secrets of the past yet kept close to him. A 12-year-old girl is soon found murdered in the same woods. There is surely something wrong. Something wrong has been going on and Ryan and Cassie, his close friend is soon involved in the unsolved mystery trying to put the pieces together.

And that is it for today guys! We hope you were able to find some books that you are sure to love! Do let us know if you have read any of these books and if you have how did you like them?

Thanks a lot for reading!

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