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We have all heard the term “must read”. These are few books which have managed to meet the expectations of most of the readers or are forever classics. Here is our list of some absolute must-reads which will surely not disappoint you.

Author: Brit Bennett

This book revolves around the lives of two African American twin sisters, Stella and Desiree Vignes. They grew up in the small town of Mallard, Louisiana in the 1950s.

Mallard is a town known for its light-skinned Black community, and the Vignes sisters, with their fair complexion, are seen as beautiful and exotic. The narrative then follows the divergent paths taken by the sisters. Stella moves away to live a new life with her secret identity, cutting all ties with her past and her family. She marries a white man and keeps her true racial background hidden from everyone, even her daughter. On the other hand, Desiree faces the challenges of being a Black woman in a deeply segregated America. She eventually returns to Mallard with her dark-skinned daughter, Jude, after leaving an abusive relationship

The novel explores themes of race, identity, and the complexities of family relationships. It delves into the consequences and sacrifices that come with choosing to live as a different race and the impact it has on individual lives and generations.

Author: Emily St.John Mandel

The central character of the novel is Vincent, a young woman who starts off working as a bartender at a luxury hotel on Vancouver Island called the Caiette. The hotel is known for its unique glass structure, which gives it its name. Vincent becomes involved in a love affair with the hotel's owner, Jonathan Alkaitis, a wealthy financier who runs a massive Ponzi scheme.

The narrative shifts back and forth in time, revealing the interconnected lives of various characters. The story explores the fallout of the Ponzi scheme as it unravels, affecting not only the lives of the investors but also those who have unwittingly been caught up in the web of deceit.

As the consequences of the financial collapse ripple through the lives of the characters, the novel delves into their individual experiences, dreams, and desires. It explores the ways in which people grapple with the choices they make and the unexpected turns their lives take.

Author: Maggie O’Farrell

The story is set in the late 16th century in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Agnes and William Shakespeare are married and have three children: Susanna, Judith, and Hamnet. The narrative primarily revolves around the character of Hamnet, the couple's only son.

Hamnet falls ill, and his family is thrown into turmoil as they try to save him. As Hamnet's condition worsens, Agnes, a strong and intuitive woman, senses a connection between her son's sickness and a performance her husband is working on in London. The play, which Shakespeare is writing at the time, is eventually known as "Hamlet."

While the novel explores the grief and loss experienced by Agnes and her family, it also delves into the complexities of family dynamics and the resilience of the human spirit. The story moves back and forth in time, exploring the lives of various characters and their relationships with one another. “Hamnet" is a poignant and emotionally charged novel that delves into themes of love, loss, and the power of imagination.

Author: V.E. Schwab

The story follows the life of Adeline LaRue, a young woman living in 18th-century France who makes a desperate bargain to escape a life of confinement and be remembered forever.

In a moment of despair, Addie prays to the gods, inadvertently making a deal with a mysterious entity known as "the god of darkness" or "Luc." The bargain grants her eternal life but also condemns her to be forgotten by everyone she meets. No one can remember her name, her face, or any interaction they have with her as soon as they leave her presence. She becomes a master at survival, learning to adapt to a life where she is perpetually invisible.

Everything changes when, after three centuries of solitude, Addie meets a young man named Henry in a bookstore. For the first time in centuries, someone remembers her. Their connection ignites a deep bond as they navigate the complexities of their relationship and the consequences of Addie's unusual existence.

"The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue" explores themes of identity, human connection, and the desire for immortality. Through Addie's journey, the novel also reflects on art, beauty, and the impact one person can have on the world.

Author: Kiley Reid

The story explores themes of race, privilege, and identity through the intertwined lives of two women: Emira Tucker, a young African American woman, and Alix Chamberlain, a white woman and a successful blogger.

As the story unfolds, Emira finds herself navigating the challenges of being a young black woman in a predominantly white environment. She grapples with her career choices, relationships, and questions of personal fulfilment.

Alix, on the other hand, is a well-meaning but often misguided woman who prides herself on being progressive. She becomes fixated on making amends for the grocery store incident and forging a connection with Emira. However, her actions are driven by a mixture of genuine concern, self-interest, and an unconscious desire to prove herself as an ally.

Through the interactions and perspectives of Emira and Alix, the novel explores themes of racial inequality, privilege, and performative activism. It delves into the complexities of modern relationships, both personal and professional, and raises questions about power dynamics, white saviourism, and the ways in which well-intentioned actions can perpetuate systemic inequality.

We hope you found some books that you would like to read. If you have read any of the books do let us know how you liked them.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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