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5 Short Books That You Can Read In A Day

Short books seem to be the trend lately. Everyone is leaning towards books that one can finish in a day or two and we understand why. It is much easier to understand the plot as the author has written the plot tightly. Moreover the books never make the reader want to keep the book down owing to the fact that the books are usually fast paced and are not stretched.

So here are out top 5 picks for short must read novels! [the books here are under 250 pages]

Author : Oscar Wilde

This book revolves around a young man who sells his soul for eternal fashion and beauty, and undeiably this is one of the most popular books by Wilde. The book speaks of how Basil Hallward wished to display a portrait of Dorian Gray but his amoral friend Lord Henrey Wotton denies and says that it would show Basil’s obsession with Dorian. When Dorian arrives he is fascinated as and when Henreye explains his part and Dorian then declares that he would sell his soul if the portrait were to grow old while he remained yound and handsome. Do they agree? And how exactly is this possible?

The story can not be brought down to a mere summary without having spoiled everything. However one thing can be said for sure, this book is not one to be missed.

Author : Toshikazu Kawaguchi

The book revolves around a cafe in Tokyo which has been serving carefully brewed coffee for over 100 years. Now that doesn’t sound quite riveting. The fun part is that, this cafe also allows customers to go back in time.

To travel back in time you must sit in a particular seat, can not leave the cafe and the hardest of them all, return before the coffee gets cold.

We meet four customers who wish to travel back in time for one reason or the other and follow their stories throughout the novel. Are they able to make it back in time?

This book is surely one of those which does not make you want to stop reading cause each page comes with a new thing to think about!

Author : Sayaka Murata

Translator : Tapley Takemori

This book revolves around Keiko Furukura who is a thirty-six year old residing inn Tokyo. At the age of eighteen she started working at ‘Smile Mart’ in Hiromachi. This is the only place where she found peace and purpose in her life.

Managers come and go, Keiko seems like the only constant at the store. Keiko was very happy with how her life was, but the societal pressure kicks in. The people she knew, her own family and her ‘work friends’ start pressuring her to ‘settle down’, find a husband and start a proper career.

This book might seem boring, but what I like about this book is how much we hear about this. This book revolves around just a normal girl with no added twists in her life- just her living her life. This is exactly what makes me find this such an interesting read, it just comes to shows the fact that normal life can be very interesting too.

And that is it from us today guys! We hope you found some books that you would want to read. If you have read any of these books do let us know how you found them to be!

Thanks a lot for reading!

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