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5 must-read classics

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Willian Golding

Amidst a wartime evacuation, an aeroplane crashes on an isolated island in a remote region of the Pacific Ocean. The only survivors are a group of boys in their middle childhood.These boys are stranded on an uninhabited island and their disastrous attempts to survive. The boys make many decisions , moral and immoral, rational and irrational. Many fights go down, while everyone struggles to lead. Who lives through it all? Find it out, grab a copy and delve in this fantastical land.

C. S. Lewis

The Chronicles of Narnia is a series of seven fantasy novels by author C. S. Lewis.The series is set in the fictional realm of Narnia, a fantasy world of magic, mythical beasts and talking animals. It narrates the adventures of various children who begin to unfold the history of the Narnian world. The protagonists are all children from the real world who are magically transported to Narnia, where they are sometimes called upon by the lion king, Aslan, to protect Narnia from evil. The books span the entire history of Narnia, from its creation and the downfall.

Mary Shelley

Frankenstein is a novel written by English author Mary Shelley. Frankenstein tells the story of a young Victor Frankenstein, a scientist who creates an atrocious creature in a dangerous scientific experiment. The story takes place in the early eighteenth century. Walton is a failed writer who seeks to expand his scientific knowledge, sets out to explore the North Pole. During the ‘trip’, the group spots a dog sled driven by a huge figure. After a few hours pass by,the crew rescues a nearly frozen man named Victor Frankenstein. Frankenstein has been looking for the gigantic man spotted by Walton's crew. Frankenstein starts to recover and he notices that Walton has the same obsession that has destroyed him and recounts a story of his life's miseries to Walton as a warning. And as the story unravels, it gets more interesting and intense.

James Baldwin

Another Country is a 1962 novel by James Baldwin. The setting of this play is in the late 1950s, Greenwich Village and Harlem, New York City. It portrays many themes such as bisexuality, interracial couples and extramarital affairs which were taboo at that time. Another Country narrates the tale of the downfall of an enthusiastic jazz drummer, Rufus Scott. He gets into a relationship with Leona, a woman from the southern part of New York. And he introduces her to his social circle, including his closest friend, and a hardworking but struggling novelist Vivaldo, his mentor Richard, and Richard's wife Cass. Initially, the relationship is insubstantial, but it starts getting serious as they start living together. Rufus becomes abusive towards Leona, and that results in her getting admitted to a hospital in the south. Rufus falls into depression and returns to Harlem. He turned very lonely and regretted his actions. So he committed suicide jumping off the George Washington Bridge.

After this tragic incident, the book then starts to explore further upon the relationships between Rufus' friends, family, and acquaintances. Rufus's friends feel that the suicide wasnt something that they could understand. Afterwards, they become closer. Vivaldo begins a relationship with Rufus's sister Ida, which is strained by racial tension and Ida's bitterness after her brother's death. And that summarizes the crux of the book.

5.Les Miserables Victor Hugo

This novel illustrates the life of the poorer part of France and begins in 1815 and ending in the 1832 with the June Rebellion in Paris , elucidating on things such as their lives, interactions with the various characters and revolves mainly around the hardships of an ex-convict, Jean Valjean and his struggle to plainly, survive. Jean Valjean, who becomes a saviour in the world, is unable to escape his brutal criminal past. This novel elaborates further upon the side of French history which is disastrous and scary. Architecture, philosophy, politics and of-course, romance. This is a book which can be completed in one sitting and is basically the definition of a classic book.

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