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5 Books in 5 Days

Now now we have heard and do know about a lot of people who love speed reading through their books. We understand, that it feels nearly impossible to find a good chapter to stop at when the plot of the book is extremely tight and the book, in general, has been extremely well written. Such books manage to keep the reader into the book for the entirety of the plot and never once make it feel boring. To all the people who love to read their books quickly, this blog is for you. Here we list down 5 books that you can (or take your own time even!) finish in 5 days!

Author: China Miéville

This book revolves around a boy who has faced a traumatic event. Post that event which had inflicted upon him an everlasting trauma, he is left alone. Where? On a faraway house on a hilltop. To make the situation better, his parents were deranged.

One day someone knocks on his door. This one knock he perceives as the end of his days of isolation. But is it so? Is it truly someone who cared for the boy, because the one who knocked on that door could be one of his enemies too.

Author: J.D. Salinger

The book revolves around a boy named Holden Caulfield. The book opens during Christmas time with Holden being expelled from his school, yet again. He sought solace in ephemeral encounters like wandering alone round Central Park or getting beaten up by pimps on the streets of the busy city of New York. The name screams beauty, but the city is equally gloomy and emits a sense of emptiness. Holden is an only soul, passing through its streets like any other New Yorker.

He had one motto though - find the true meaning of life. With his mind lost in the streets, how soon and how exactly does he do it?

Author: George Orwell

Okay, this book is a little heavy, but indeed one which keeps the readers wanting to read. This book speaks of a farm which is taken over by animals who are mainly overworked or mistreated. Animals with raging idealism and shifting slogans fight for their freedom. Their need for justice and equality. Thus begins one of the most riveting tales of war a war to create their own land of dreams where everyone has their own freedom.

Author: Ray Bradbury

Another dystopian book which does not disappoint. This book revolves around Guy Montag who works as a fireman. His job is centric around him destroying illegal commodities along with the houses in which they are housed. His actions were something Montag never questioned, burning houses- and he thought of it to be normal. Until. Until he met a young neighbour named Clarrise. She introduced him to the times when no one lived in fear taking him to the present where everyone saw the world through the ideas put into their heads by books or television shows. And thus began the days of Montag questioning everything.

Author : Charles Duhigg

This book is not exactly what you would call a typical self-help book. This book speaks by using various examples, of how people have and could change their life completely by changing their habits. Achieving success by focusing on the absolute smallest part of the day and changing them to something which is more productive is a topic that this book speaks of. Through scientific discoveries and reports, Charles Duhigg has managed to explain the reason behind ‘habits’ and how one could work on them and change them for their own betterment. Bringing about a totally different perspective on human nature and the potential a human stores within them to change their life completely, this book is something which won’t disappoint.

And that is it for today guys. We hope you all try this run of 5 books in 5 days. Do let us know if you liked the books! We hope you enjoy your time reading these books.

Thanks a lot for reading and we will see you in the next one. Bye!

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