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3 books to break your reading slump

As we start off the new year, it wouldn’t be lying when I say that I went through a major book slump the past year. I am sure a lot of you went through it too. So today, we will be listing down our top 5 books which are sure to break your reading slump!

The book alternates between the present and events from 10 years ago. In the present time, Vale and Sydney Clark dig up a grave and in the past, Victor and Eli become ExtraOrdinary individuals. Eli’s writes her senior thesis on the creation of EOs and this makes Victor deeply jealous and insecure of his own thesis. victor then influences Eli to being her thesis into practice. According to the theory, EOs are created by a traumatic death experience from which the individual comes back to life. When Eli and Victor both attempt it, Eli is able to return to life with the ability to heal herself however things are different with Victor. He attempts a traumatic death but does not become an EO.

Eli refuses to help Victor again. Due to this Victor asks Eli’s girlfriend to tie him to a table and pass electric shocks. This is a success, he gains the power to manipulate pain. But however, Victor ends up killing Eli’s girlfriend with his new power. Eli then reports Victor as dangerous and he is then imprisoned for 10 years.

In the present, Victor is released from prison and he is filled with vengeance. How do things work out now? With more people joining Eli and Victor who is murdered?

This book deals with heavy topics. We advise you to read this book only if you are above 15.

How hard is losing a family member? It is something that scars you for life. It is nearly impossible to even imagine how hard it would be to live without one of your parents for the rest of your life. This book portrays themes of betrayal, cultural identity, sexual assault and grief.

Does the book begin with Camino Rios skipping a math test to go to the airport? Why? Cause her dad was arriving from the Dominican Republic. However, she sees a large group of people crowded around the TV.

Simultaneously in NY, Sahara Rios is called to her schools office where she seeps her mother weeping her eyes out only to find out the flight in which her dad was supposed to come, has crashed and there are no survivors.

To make things worse, the Rios sisters are not even aware of the existence of each other. They both fight grief and try their level best to sustain themselves in the harsh world without their beloved father. Through this path, they uncover some of the families secrets and eventually find their way to each other. How do things work out for them?

This book deals with rather heavy topics. It revolves around the Black Lives Matter movement. The book revolves around Starr who is a 16-year-old black girl. She attends a part in her neighbourhood where she is met with her childhood best friend, Khalil Harris. Soon gunshots erupt from a gang fight and Khalil offers to take Starr home. On the way home, as they talk about rapper Tupac and his ideas, a white police officer pulls them over. When Khalil asks the officer the reason for them to be pulled over, the officer checks him and orders him not to move and returns to his car. Khalil opens the car to check on Starr and just then, he is shot.

Nothing. Khalil has done no wrong but yet met with this fate. At Khalil’s funeral, April Oprah a lawyer confirms that the police will not pursue legal action. It is now wholly upon Starr to decide whether she shows valour and courage enough to stand up for her friend and give Khalil the deserved justice.

We assure you these books won’t disappoint you. You will surely get back to reading and your TBR will soon be filled with plenty more books than before.

If you have read any of these books, please let us know what you liked about it! We are eager to hear from you. Thank you for reading!

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